Simple Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Talking On The Phone

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Simple Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Talking On The Phone

It’s amazing how many people are flat out afraid of being on the phone. I am not judging, I used to be one of those people. It’s crazy: Your heart starts to race, you can feel your body temp increase, you feel sweat beading on your forehead, start getting the shakes, you might even forget the person’s name that you are calling. And that’s all by the time you get to the second ring…

Did you go through all that with me? Man-O-Man, that is crazy stuff.

So, how did I overcome that fear of talking on the phone?

I did it the hard way, I did it all myself. I never asked for help, I never looked it up on the internet…Heck, I never even admitted it to anyone that I was having anxiety about it. I procrastinated a lot LOL. I would pick up the phone, dial the numbers…hang up – Rinse and Repeat.

I don’t suggest you go about it that way, haha.

Simple Tips:

First, Let me explain something. You most likely aren’t going to know the person you are talking to so, it really doesn’t matter how well you do or don’t do, at least at first. If the person is someone you know, then talk to them like you would normally talk to them.

If it’s your first time talking to them, Write down the person’s name before you call, it’s a deal breaker if you forget your prospects names – Period.

Remember that you are talking to them to help them, they are NOT there for you. You are there to help the person solve their problems. Your goal is to find out what they WANT from life. Do they want more money, more time, more assets, more notoriety, more whatever…you and your business are the solution.

Jot down some notes on what you want to touch on during the conversation. You don’t want to hang up with regrets.

Practice in front of a mirror. Sounds funny but it works, you can also do mock calls with your upline/downline, family, friends, etc…

Keep the conversation down to 3 minutes or less. You are not a presenter, not  an explainer, you are a director. You are finding out what they are looking for and their needs are and you DIRECT them to a presentation.  Here’s how you can cut the conversation short “How soon can you take a look at the presentation? Great, listen, I have bunch more people that I need to call, let’s say we talk in 45 minutes”

Schedule a follow-up. It’s very important and be on time when calling them back. I make “appointments” with my people. It shows them that I am very busy.

If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer, here is a sample response: “Hmm, great question, if you give me a minute I can get my buddy “Name” on the phone with us and they can help use out, if that’s cool with you”

Keeping doing it. Continue calling people, it get easier and easier. Trust me from firsthand experience.

Most important tip to over your fear of talking on the phone. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. In other words, be genuine. Nobody like a pushy salesman, arrogant overbearing person, quiet little mouse or a faker. Being human is the best way to talk to people anyway. It shows the person that they can do it too. The worst thing you can do is not call people. I have had folks say to me “Wow, I can’t believe you called”. That happens all the time.

Using the tips above along with Consistency and Persistency, you will be on your way to being a Rock Star in no time at all.

Bonus: Call them, if they are interested, cool. If not, no big deal.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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14 thoughts on “Simple Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Talking On The Phone

  1. Jeremy Howie

    Great post man and great value for marketers and salespeople that have phone trouble!

    I still fight fear of that plastic contraption with numbers on it 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome Jeremy, thanks man

  2. Phil Sanko

    Great post Steve. I hate how sometimes I get so freaked out by that darn phone, and then after my first phone call I’m like “What the heck was I SOOO scared about??” I really like how you pointed out that we are the “directors” in the conversation… Never really thought about it like that, but you’re totally right!

    Take it easy,

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Phil. I know I was held back in the beginning from this fear.
      Crazy right? LOL
      We are in control!

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