Simple Tips for Video Content Creation

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You hear that being consistent is the key to success in this industry and that includes creating content. It doesn’t mater if you are writing articles, creating videos or a combo vlog… You may run intowriters block or worse “speakers” block LOL

The simple steps below will make this process a breeze. You’ll get your viewers to fall in love with you and you’ll build relationships before you even meet them.

95% Marketers have no idea how to market. No matter what you will help someone.

Create your content with a “Thank You” in mind.

Create content from questions you ask yourself.

Camera doesn’t matter…Value does.

Talk to the camera as if you are talking with someone.

In the video below I go into detail on the above.
**WARNING** I am full of energy haha. (Secretly I think you’ll dig it.)

Making video content creation fun and about your reader / viewer will make ya famous


“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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10 thoughts on “Simple Tips for Video Content Creation

  1. Daneece Romine Hernandez

    Great advice. In fact you mentioned my #1 video creating secret. I pretend I have a live audience while I am filming. It gets me in my zone.

  2. Catherine Wood-Johnson

    Hi Steve – this is great! So empowering "anyone can help someone by sharing something they have learned!" I feel like blogging about it now 🙂

  3. Robert Strong

    Hi Steve,

    Great video, that is what I love about this industry, is that so many people are willing to help, and we can all learn something pretty quickly and then just share it with others!

    I love doing how to videos and sharing them with other people! When people are able to see what I am doing on my screen, they can quickly see how it is done and do it themselves.

    My biggest tip for myself is that even if I help only one person, that is my goal. No matter what you share, it WILL help someone.

    Thanks for sharing!

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