Simple Tip To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling OverwhelmedFeeling Overwhelmed?

Have you ever had so much information floating around in your head, that you literally got dizzy? Especially that moment you come back from an event or coming off a webinar. That “Where Do I Start” feeling.

I would go there, at least once every couple weeks. It’s scary and frustrating at the same time. AND sometimes it can derail you to the point where I wanted to quit.

There is, however a simple way to come out of that realm. In the video below I share a simple strategy that will every time. 

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

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6 thoughts on “Simple Tip To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Lynda Kenny

    My first coach didn’t allow me to use the word overwhelm, it was like forbidden word. I fully understand why it’s important not to be overwhelmed and to be organised rather than chaotic.
    Thanks for your video Steven it was so helpful

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      cause that word can lead to a spiral out of control mindset hah
      Awesome, Lynda

  2. Ron Deering

    Boy did you hit it on the mark…. Can't tell you how many times I've got off a webinar or training and just been dazed… Great post Steve … Thanks for sharing

  3. Jenni Ryan

    hmm yeah! sometimes I feel totally overwhelemed with too much info. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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