Simple MLM Tips to take you to the top

MLMs Tip #1: Talk to everyone you know: Why not, right? Who cares if they say no. You will never grow your business if you don’t talk to people. I know, it seems simple but most people who join an MLM think that people will just “come-a-runnin” once they join. Since you are reading this, you probably know it’s not true LOL.

MLMs Tip #2: Keep your word: Again, seems like a no brainer but some are more in tune with making that almighty dollar that building a name for themselves. I can tell you first hand that your word is something that will carry you to the top. Trust is huge and rare.

MLMs Tip #3: Make appointments and follow up: When talking with your prospects, make appointments. This shows that you are professional and serious about your business. Telling someone that you will get back with them “Sometime” tomorrow or “Sometime” over the weekend will lead to people taking your serious “Sometimes”.

MLMs Tip #4: Keep connected: You are in your business, it’s a good idea to get connected with the people in your business. Get with the leaders, they should be more than happy to chat with you and show you what has been working for them and that particular business. Besides it’s cool and to talk with people in your business, trade stories and other fun stuff. It also keeps you motivated.

MLMs Tip #5: Work smarter not harder: Like mentioned above, talk with the leaders and find out what is working for them. Be consistent. This is going to help you play smart. Jumping around from strategy to strategy before giving it time to work, is going to waste time and money. If you are consistent, you will be a smart business person.

MLMs Tip #6: This is my favorite and one of the most important: Take Action, MAJOR ACTION. Quit goofin around, do it or don’t do it. You made a decision to own your own business. Act like a business owner.  Do research on how to reach out to people. If the leaders of your company give you advice, it might be a good idea to take it. Don’t just hear but listen. AND TAKE ACTION.

These MLM tips are simple enough. It’s cool to write them down or even make your own list of tips to follow. I can tell you that writing your tips Plan of Attack out is the Best MLM Tip I can give.


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Steve Krivda