Simple 12 Steps To Calling and Closing Leads

Calling and Closing Leads


The funny thing about lead generation, is the shock of the leads actually coming in. That means that you actually have to call them. Believe it or not, this is a bigger issue than you would think. For the most part, it comes down to two things. Being addicted to the outcome and predicting a “NO” before the call starts and second, not knowing what to say. This post will address both of those issues and help you in closing leads over the phone.

This is a process of Know – Like – Trust

  1. No Intention: Eliminating the addiction to the outcome can be as easy as a quick 30 second pre-call meditation. Sit before your phone in a state of gratitude. Not for you, for the person you’re calling. See them thanking you for the call. This makes it about them and you serving their needs.
  2. Who You Are: Depending on where the lead comes from, you may have to introduce yourself to the lead. Simple step that requires a removing of the EGO.
  3. Where Are They From: A decent ice breaker is to ask them where they are from.
    Example: “I’m curious, I don’t know where I’m calling. Where is the 256 area code? Whatever they say, “Oh cool, I’m from ____________”
  4. Company: I like to know what company they’re with so I can intelligently converse with them about their pains and struggles. And of course what attracted them to the company and this profession. This will be used in step 10.
  5. First Go Around: It’s good to know if they are going from company to company, as this will let you know what they’re doing in their mind. May have to talk about being focused and help guide them to the right mindset. Remember, this is about you being the authority and increasing the trust factor.
  6. Be Cautious of The Language: Using a lot of Network Marketing lingo is not always the best thing. You can give off a weird vibe. “Generating Leads” could be better said as “Growing your business”
    No matter what they say, Don’t Go It. Have sympathy and bring in your story of pre-struggle.
  7. Curious: Find out how they would like to build. “Curious, how would you rather grow your business?” Enforce their answer with your story.
  8. Moment of Truth: “If we could work together to attract the person you’re looking for, are you willing to put in the work” You’re now setting up the frame of THEM doing the work. You’re showing the way.
  9. They Say: Yes, what is it…  or Yes, it depends.
    This is where you go back to what brought them into the industry. “I’m going to send / show you exactly what I do, Cool?”
  10. No?: “Curious, if you don’t make a change right now, how long do you feel it will take you to achieve X?”
  11. Following Up: “Amazing right? Cool, let’s get you started and get you set up at/with/through… Paint the vision of what the next 2 weeks are going to look like. Most people don’t start because they don’t see the vision. Paint it for them. Give them confidence.
  12. When Do I Call?: As quickly as possible.

I don’t do this with every lead. They don’t make it that far down the list of steps. You SHOULD be selective with who you work with. Remember this is a long term profession of long lasting relationships.

Start calling and closing leads start today.

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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