Sherial Dobesh

05-30-15 #5 of #5

Generating lots of leads and likes to FanPage

List of items:
Lady Boss Baby Boomer <– Facebook Group with Funnel directing to this page
Youtube Videos (using gotowebinar)
**Comp plan, Product, How to build Massive Residual Income 15 mins per day (Valentus)
Fitness Tips and Interviews…Food and Lifestyle

Create Google Calendar
Finish and send Steve New Funnel
Create Youtube Videos (using gotowebinar) (3) per above
Schedule Fitness Tips & Interviews…
LinkedIn/FB Prospecting: “You seem like a motivated person (guy/woman), if I could show you a way to increase your income, without interfering with what you’re currently doing, would you be open to see it?”

05-15-19 #4 of #5

Not able to record today…

Rebranded fanpage
Moving forward with videos on YouTube
Ran ad on Facebook – Not very good results

Run new story ad on FB
**Target Market. Female baby boomers.
**Need areas of interest for Baby boomers. ie. Magazines read. Activities, etc… to run ad to.
**Story around Sherial’s story

Create story ad – get it to Steve
Send Steve list of YouTube Video topics
When contacting 20 people per day…Add LinkedIn a source of people to speak to
It’s imperative that you speak to 20 people a day, while all this other stuff is coming to fruition  🙂

05-09-17 #3 of #5

Created and finished Rank up PDF – Generated 25 Leads

Feeling overwhelmed/Confused at this point
How to use the Valentus Group
Create new group each week…

Create PowerPoint – do through Goto-Webinar for recording – upload recording to Wistia/Vimeo
Add Wistia/Vimeo to Clickfunnel page to send to prospects as you are prospecting.

Product YouTube Valentus…

Fanpage: Sherial’s Live Fit n Sexy (From Sherial’s Live)
100% Value ~ Fitness tips: Recipes, meal plans, lifestyle, etc…
Run ads to to your community (facepage fans) <– save this for next week

Engagements ads:
See FB Ad Video from AMT & Karen Winters

Reviewed a quick script for finding people on Facebook in Fitness Groups

05-03-17 #2 of #5 (Strategy Session with Rudy)

Rudy Dobesh 66 yrs

Intentions for today’s session- Remove Block Keeping From Working

Not happy with feelings getting when sitting down at computer.
Knows what to do. Opens a window, closes a window and loses focus

What does Rudy want from this industry?
Triple Diamond is cool. This means a home in Vegas.
Rescue animals. Donate to horse/dog rescue facility. Possibly start his own.

Why is this important? Never had relationship with people like with animals.

Help daughter with drug/relationship problems.
Help brothers out as well with old house…
Very Important To Rudy to have this come to fruition

Came back around to: Feeling a bit lost when go from browser to browser (Aweber to MLSP and Back)
Mind wanders, when working. Some personal struggles with Sherial

Income isn’t where he wants. Wants more, faster.

Money Lack – Dad always said “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
Grew up with little money
Had accident/another accident with brother
**Lost “everything” twice in lifetime. Subconscious fear of losing again

Limiting Belief: Lack Mentality
Understands that this is common in society

Do you feel it’s possible to lose everything again? Possible, yes.
Is it worth to build it up again? Yes.
Last fight was about money. More specifically… Going out to dinner (can’t afford)
Went out to dinner anyway, ended up winning money. Came out ahead.
Would Sherial do anything to the detriment of the Dobesh household? No
Something to keep in mind.
Express feelings/situation with other people’s feelings in mind, as soon as they come up

Mirror Exercise “Who Am I”

Affirmations: < These are to be said min once a day. Till money issue dissipates
I am worthy of playing big.
I’m so happy and grateful to be a six figure earner.
I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me freely and frequently.
I am so happy and grateful to live a life in full Abundance with Love and Money.

Review Vision: <–Create vision, get back to Steve by Friday 05-05-17

MLSP Code:

05-01-17 #1 of #5 Rudy and Sherial for this session

30 minutes +

Accomplishments Since Last Session:
Finished “Rank-Up” Give Away
2 videos to be finished today

To Hit Triple Diamond:
Hit Diamond (100 people) in 4 months. Half trying.
Need another 300 – Speak to 20 people per day

(1) Blog per day — R
(1) Email per day – to 1,300 list — R
20 Per people day — S
****Linkedin, Facebook, List 15,000 Real Estate Agents
On timeline – Facebook Live — S —- Back and forth for MLM and Products
Daily (Valentus) FB Live in Company FB Group — S

5am call – 20mins
5:30am call – 20mins
6:30am – team call on tips and tricks. 15-20 people per day
7am Gym Time
8:30am PST “Hammering People”
2:30pm – Training Call

04-18-17 Strategy Session


Primary MLM – Valentus

What are Sherial’s intentions from this call?
DMO to close more people.
Continue with Attraction Marketing to Attract the right person.
Value vs Product placement
Accountability Calls?

Works 16 hour day:
5am coaching call
Prospecting calls-How many calls?
Sponsor sends people to Sherial…

What Do You Want?
Recognition – speak on stage – be at the top of the comp plan
Triple Diamond recognition August 1st 2017 (approx $20k per month)
If made $1 million dollars… Travel,
Have a “I made it” party <– Been wanting to do this for 5 years now.

Had a BNI type program set up. Grew it to $30,000 per year after expenses.
Economy crashed and lost it all.

Was huge success in Canada!
Contracted with Govt to help people with mental retardation. Burnt out at 45yrs of age.
Went of vacation and said “I had enough”

Common Theme-Built several organizations that crashed “Starting Over For The Last 30 Years”

What’s holding back:
Not closing…
Fear of Loss…

I am powerful… I am successful… I am worthy… I am true… I am worthy… People love me…

If I don’t get a handle on this limiting belief it will cost me everything…

Spending time with people that are not building – Are they missing something?


What to do and where to focus.
Personal testimony – Results from product.

4-5 weeks on personal page / Fanpage FB Lives —5 days per week

PDF Giveaway: 7 Day Meal Plan for the Busy Entrepreneur
Cover Page
About me: Paragraph
Why document meals
Monday – Sunday (cheat day)
Breakfast/snack etc…

Most people have issues with weight lost and eating because… Craving, midnight snacking, candida…
Educate on battling the above issues.
If you’re open to learning more about this product CLICK HERE… This will take your lead to a page with you describing what this product is with a buy button below video.  <—- This redirects to capture page for above PDF Giveaway (keep the capture simple)

Create Giveaway for (30 day bootcamp spin)



Speaking to 20 people and not closing