07-13-17 #5 of #5

Big calendar to keep track of everything
Spoke to 1 new person, followed up (If costs money, not interested)
Spoke to another about WV, going on trip. When gets back
5th – Spoke with 10 people.
6th – Spoke with 10 more
7th – talked with 6
8th – talked with 2
9th – Followed up and created meeting locally
10th contacted 8 new people and 1 that had appt
11th – Spoke with 10 people –
12th – Contacted 10 – Sent Mastery page to 1, 1 other needs to receive WV
Today – Reached out 7 so far

Ask questions – To bring out why they are not traveling or why they are going the cheap route

When people are pushing things off, find out how WV could help

Intentions toady
Funnelizer, Aweber and approaching people about MLSP – what to say

07-03-17 #4 of #5

Working on 10 per day – Tuesday – 4: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday=10: Saturday – 5

Wants/Needs blog up
About: First paragraph – background- The rest WIIFM (what’s in it for me)
Facebook Lives – CTA – Relevant to audience and/or Live

Sharpening up 49 calls with closing strategies:
Document people’s names with note/date:
I need to check on it: Great, I would too… Anything that’s more specific that I would help guide you with
Leading with Product Vs Opportunity

“How can I serve them”

Coming into next session. Have list of Stuff for Steve that Shari is… to accomplish on call.

06-19-17 #3 of #5

Had video call with person in Alaska-WV…Need Follow Up
Had another person (going in to surgery)-WV…Need Follow Up (Tuesday)
Another person coming to Travel Party on Thursday
Bunch of contacts from FB Group.
Speaking to a LOT of people… Currently 8 people per day.

Question for Shari: How to get more eyeballs on the 40+ people mentioned above…
In lieu of “Struggle question”… How you growing your business?

Reaching to people are that responding to our engagement posts…
“Hey, Steve… How the heck are you?”
Follow up question: What had you enter the 30 day challenge?

Take 3 FB Live topics… Create 3-4 minute YouTube Video, create blog from it. Send to your list…AND Post in FB Group (5-10)
Have create blog header and YouTube Header…

06-12-17 #2 of #5

Week was doing well up till the weekend… Friday slow, Saturday nada, back up on Sunday…
Help husband with some stuff Sunday. Reached out to 4 people on Sunday with 2 responses…

Reviewed conversations on Facebook
Go to Kiyosaki type groups and target network marketers
Facebook live topics with Call to Action
Pretty link Review
Going to be using FB as primary
**Increase audience on FB personal page. Following other marketers. Relationship building in FB Groups(entrepreneurial groups, commenting and messaging)
**FB Fanpage

FB Personal Page Strategy:
Consistent Content  (limit marketing education)
**2-3 inspirational posts per day
**1 goofy for interaction post per day
**1 min. for Value post per day
**Live Videos 2-3 x’s per week
Conversations 10-15 per day-Kiyosaki type groups for MLSP and/or travel groups for WV
MLSP people, get them on your list.
Message Steve with number of people per above…
All these people are giving you content ideas for you Lives…


06-05-17 #1 of #5

Been inviting people out to see “The Deal”
***Tuesday last week – Invited (f/u) to Thursday Travel Party
*** Total – Invited 2 people last week.
***Follow ups have not been so good.
More non-money producing activities that money Producing.

Contacted about 20% of list so far
No contacted 75-80 people so – What Will They Think?
**** They’ll think I’m trying to sell something to them***

No Call to action on FB Vids

Isn’t Urgent at this point in time…
***Feels that it’s more of me.
***Lack of personal Success inhibiting personal success

Words to say before calls:
You’re welcome for giving you the opportunity to change your life. <– See Objection Handling
“Hey Name, Busy? I have something to exciting in my life that I wanted to share with you”

7 Day Goals:
Connect / Message (10) people  – Text/call for WV
Connect to
Facebook Lives: Twice Per Week (Tuesday / Sunday)
***Back office – Choose Facebook products
*****Call to action use Pretty Link
Investigate and infiltrate Travel Groups – Be specific and snobby about who you talk to.  Present these at next call
Go to Choose a strategy for list building

Goals from Shari: 5-6 Good leads for MLSP or WV
Present to at least one person per day

5:45am Exercise
6:30am Shower/ready for work
7:45am leave for work-Mindset
8am work
Noonish – Send out 2 invites / Work on FB content
5:30pm Home…Spend time with Gary.
6:30pm Gettin to work… FB Prospecting and FB Content
10pm Sleep–Affirmations before bed (Write out on sticky notes and screen to Steve)
***”People love me” “I am powerful” “I am confident” “I am good friend” “I am smart” “I have done exactly what was needed to carry me to tomorrow to achieve my dreams”

Sidenote: Have date night

6-02-17 Follow-Up

Still feels a bit inconsistent.

Moving forward with 5 session! Congratulations!

05-10-17 Shari Roberts – Breakthrough Session

Intentions from this call
Feels has shiny object syndrome
A plan to keep focused
8-5 as accountant
Affirmation “I’m a director and I bring in $1,500 per month)

Been around NM Profession for 8 years (with WorldVentures)
4 members on right and 100+ on left
MLSP in 2nd month

What Shari Wants? 55yrs old
Leave work
Retire husband
Travel, Spend time with family…
Looking for $8,000 per month to create ‘walk away’ scenario
*Volunteering. Has 40 Acres in Oklahoma.
Why? We’ve worked hard out entire lives. Feel like good people.
“How much longer can we be here on Earth”
Has sister who had heart attack 10yrs ago. Went without oxygen – caused brain damage
Father passed away 25yrs ago. <– Big deal
“I’m not outwardly emotional” People need me to be strong.
Was Daddy’s Girl.
Family did not grieve together after passing of father

Vision has been around for approx. 4 years (started to think about retirement)

Believes Above Possible.

Why isn’t not happening– “It’s me” says didn’t care what people thought of Shari above…However admits that she does care.
Reputation: Good
Doesn’t feel competent
Not going for the close
Judgement aka feeling of Dad’s comment
LImiting beliefs to “Not Working” the business. Pain of avoiding feeling from basketball days.

What to do/say to get past the above limiting belief
“People love me” “I am powerful” “I am confident” “I am good friend” “I am smart”
Trigger, “I’m fighting for you”

Target Market – Shari Roberts –
“Open prospecting” existing Network Marketers – Find their pain.
80/20 Rule ~ 80% lifestyle / 20% business tips etc… 2-3 x’s FB Lives (2-3 tips with a call to action, “If you want to talk to me more about this, let me know below in the comments or message me”
Travel groups for WV ie…Expedia, travelocity, etc…
Kiyosaki Groups…
In speaking with people during prospecting – Give away training. “What’s your best email?”

Follow Up Strategy… Email Marketing from Training Tab/Marketing Strategies


Write “I forgive you” letter to dad  Get to Steve By Friday 05-12-17

Be ‘receiving’ of compliments.

MLSP calls are in Training Tab under Marketing Strategies