Shane Spesock

05-25-17 #3 of #5

Target market for Product Users (Life Insurance)
25-50 yrs
Outdoor Activities
Income $40k-$100K
Check Money Magazines, Investment Magazines, etc…

Strategy: Educate people to grow $ tax free environment with guaranteed 0 Risk

Create Versus ads/content: Relying on a pension that’s not there anymore?

Image with guy with empty pockets? or Family “Living the Dream”
Were you aware that the New Yearly Income to live the American Dream is $130,000 per year. The Average Yearly income in America is $43,713. The Dream Is Still Possible…If I could give you a Free Report to See How You Could Live The “American Dream”, would you be open to that? If so, type “Yes” below

Create the above with image and get to Steve asap
Write a blog post in word press and get to Steve asap – Versus post or straight education

05-15-17 #2 of #5

Been in own head for the last couple weeks. Income issues.
Been meeting with people one on one. Warm Market
Wealth Wave – Sharing Life Insurance Products. Have some decent leads.

1. Looking to build Wealth Wave as an opportunity (team)
How to position Shane for this?

Customer: Who is your target age / male or female. What interests would they have ie. Magazines, Education, Employment, etc…
Associate: Relatively the same questions. The additional question here would be “Why would I need an additional income?”

Your ads are going to have grab their attention from the get go.
“Imagine if something happened to you today, would your family be taken care of?”

04-03-17 #2 of #5

Feel a little scattered this past week
Working on getting finances

Insurance “Franchisee”
Step 1: Sign up with company $100
Step 2: Website $30
Step 3: Course (2) $97 (20 hours each) – 2-4 weeks
Step 4: State Test $200?
Prospecting: Warm market
(1) life ins policy $2,400 = $600 commission (approx)

7 Day commitments:
Above Franchisee into some sort of presentation that you present.

03-24-17 #1 of #5

Shot welcome video for FB Group
14 Transformation PDF finished.
Awaken The Giant Within
My Fitness Pal

Speak to 50 people by 03-31-17
Quick Funnel, for 14 day transformation…
Come up with 50 Weight Tips Tweets…
Facebook Lives with Weight Tips

03-09-17 #5 of #5

Has increase consistency all around. Doing lives each day
Picked up a lead this week.
Energy Levels are high
Moving domain to godaddy from hostgator
Facebook up to 305 (friend requesting and following)
Working solidifying Call To Action – Possible PDF (has PDF with Shaklee)

Created plan to drive traffic to Facebook Group…

Youtube video with instructions

02-27-17 #4 of #5

Finished Insurance Cert. – Looking to do license exam 03-01-17
Doing Lives Each Day…

Follow 20-30 people on FB per day
What would someone interested in Shaklee watch, read and / or hang around
Networking Conference on Thursday 3/2
Create short PDF around health –

  1. Activate blog
  3. Create short PDF around health/wellness (3 Biggest Stresses and The Solutions)
  4. Follow 20-30 people per day & friend requests
  5. Facebook Live Giveaway Friday?

01-25-17 #3 of #5

Doing daily FB Lives.
First Live CTA – FB Live PDF (comment “me” below)

Watched Google Keyword Research
Hasn’t taken action on YouTube
Video Content Ideas in Writing

For More Immediate Results \/\/\/\/\/\/\/ See Below
Go into Fairly Large/Active Facebook Groups. Grab an image congruent with Giveaway and post this “If I could show you how to generate X leads, would you be interested? For Free ## Page PDF. Type “ME” below. (capitalize all first letters)

Exercise: Not able to. Added Push-ups to Walking.

Funnelizer- (Black with Stars): Get Your Body Beach Ready Without Sacrificing Muscle or Feeling Hungry. Simple Plan Even If You Don’t Exercise. (also place this in the description of post after FB Live is over)

Make List of 10 People to talk to – Then Call / Text Steve


01-19-17 #2 of #5

Today’s Recording

Vision Video reviewed few times – Created Vision – Get to Steve
Went through Aron Parker’s Video – Good strategy
Has not been active on Facebook or doing Facebook Lives
Has been working out << awesome
Almost finished with Awaken The Giant Within

7 Day Commitments:
~FB Lives – Keep the topics basic (3) (Wealth of information in MLSP back office and TESS)
~ Find the one that corresponds
~YouTube – Library Training to Keyword Research – Listen to audio to get Videos up and running
~Follow Aron Parker’s Lead on lead generation
~1/96 Sheets
~Bring to Steve Areas To Work On…Shaklee Prospecting
~Start Darren Hardy – Compound Effect when finished with Awaken the Giant

01-12-17 #1 of #5

Today’s recording

5 week expectation: Game Plan set in place to follow

Strengths: Speaking to people. Teaching.
Weakness: Consistency

Currently listening to: Closing audio, Think and Grow Rich

Interested in learning: Video and Webinars

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per day
Job requires constant driving from job to job.

Shaklee MLM: Total Recruited 2 so far. Mom and Worker associate
Grow MLSP and Shaklee together

3 Boys 19,17,14 yrs old

What does Shane Want: Build up team with Shaklee. Build warm/cold market
Freedom. Residual Income.
Freedom – ability to travel when he wants. Take time off when wants. When he wants, where      he wants.
Income Level per month $2,500 to leave job
Who are you? Pretty laid back, Very Caring,     
What do you stand for / Passionate about? Helping people succeed and being a part of it. Learning and Growing.
When younger was the oldest, being the role model for younger brothers and sister.
Core Values: Integrity…
Bring MLSP to Shaklee

Who to speak to: Younger parents 25-50
What to speak to them about? Freedom. Younger crowd
How to reach this market: Creating content for them
Biggest problems, challenges and pain: Lacking knowledge, feeling of hopelessness and not knowing where to go for help. Giving business advice. 

Whats limiting belief that’s been holding you back? Fear of failure. Overwhelmed. Procrastination. Frustrated about not taking action that leads to more non-action.

Blog not set up yet

Facebook Live Points
Good Copy Writing in description
Speak about where topic came from 90 seconds
Ask question to cause pain
Identify with audience
Give solution
CTA “Me” “FaceBook LIVE – 15-Page PDF and Video Giveaway”

7 Day Goals:
Take action
-eview Funnelizer
Quote Apps for pics
Who Do You Need To Become To Create The Above? and attract the perfect prospect?
Replace limiting belief with “I am powerful” “I am successful” “I am worthy” << Vision  << 1/96 Sheet

5:15am Start exercising
Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within
Darren Hardy – Compound Effect
Video #1 of Aron Parker

Biggest piece of Value: “Seeing Who I Am