Setting Life Goals and Meeting Them With the Biggest Loser (Video)

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Setting Life Goals and Meeting Them With the Biggest Loser.

I’m sitting at home watching episode after episode of the Biggest Loser, I had them on DVR. I don’t watch TV like I used to so I had some back up supplies LOL. I get to see the transformations right in front of my eyes, it was absolutely amazing and very inspiring.

In the beginning they were Setting Life Goals for themselves:

*Eat Less

*Work Out More

*Eat Better

And then they came to their “Why”, of course this was the emotional part…they wanted more time on this Earth. Some of them had children that they couldn’t play with anymore, lost that spark with their spouse, had a family member pass, and so on. It was pretty heart wrenching to see how someone could get to that point.

Here’s the great thing about this. Their Why became bigger than their bad habits. They had enough of living like they were. IT WAS TIME.

One of the essential part of setting goals is to understand what you need to do succeed. They obviously had their Why down pat. The goal, though in the distance was there. What was missing was the how.

They needed a coach. I talk about coaching quite a bit as I see that it is just as important as Goals and your Why. No Matter what stage of your life journey your are in, you WILL always gain from a coach. Put the three together and you have the perfect storm.

What was cool about the transformations of these folk was how there was a point when they knew they had the power within to reach any height…to push forward and reach any goal…understanding that they can have anything they wanted if they worked hard at it.

*Never giving up.

*Not stopping when there was a setback even if they PUT ON weight one week.

*Going that extra step or rep.

*Hitting the gym when everyone else was goofing off or even sleeping.

*Going that extra mile when success was the only option.

Look at what I wrote above, look at it! See any correlation between your life, your business and your goals. The people on the Biggest Loser were basically on the brink of death and they did everything in their power to take their lives back. Something they thought was impossible.

Now look at yourself and your business. What is standing in your way of success? A phone call, someone telling you NO, a doubt, a nay sayer or worrying what someone might think or say about you?

When you are setting life goals for yourself, you better be ready to go the extra rep, that extra set, that extra MILE. Look at the DREAM STEALERS and tell them to their face “One More Round”

I made this video a long time ago that goes with this article to the tee, in fact it was my inspiration


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