Selling on the Internet – With Webinars – 3 Simple Tips

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It’s obvious who has been making waves in our industry, they stand above the rest and seem so far away. It’s funny what will bring you to the top…it’s the noise that you make.

It’s just not any noise, it’s noise of value. This can be brought in a number of ways…creating videos, writing articles, giving your time to other marketers and of course WEBINARS!

Webinars tend to freak people out and I get it, LOL. Putting yourself out there for people to see and critique. No do-overs, just there…the real you and your personality for all to see. Anxiety.

Most of us feel as if we need to be making thousands per month, generating 20-30 leads per day, enrolling 10-20 per week, etc… and that’s just not the case. You have to be willing to share the value that you have. With that value, people are willing to pay for it and they should. You are creating a short cut for them. Avoiding the mistakes that you may have made. Think about the products that you have purchased and the coaching you have received. Yea, pretty cool right.

3 Simple Tips to Selling on the Internet

Feel a little more confident about putting on a webinar? I hope so. Heck, the first time I
spoke on a webinar, I was stuttering and sweating and guess what – I was the only one
that noticed. Does that tell you anything? We are our own worst critic and need to stop
holding ourselves back from greatness.

Here’s Ray Higdon’s Free Webinar – Presenting for Profits – The guy’s a genius.



“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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  1. Alecia Stringer

    Yes, very necessary, and it does take practice to use this skill. Learn and be around masters to master this skill. Thanks for your advice.

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