How To Sell On Webinars

How To Sell On Webinars


Most people don’t know how to sell on webinars…hence the reason most stay clear of this space. So, if webinars aren’t your thing yet, today may be the day that turns that corner. It’s been shown that webinars convert into signups and sales better than other online medium, virtually EVERY full-time income earner in the industry does webinars. With few exceptions, you too MUST do webinars to earn a full-time income from home.

As you’re planning your topic, think about some results you’ve attained. Could be enrolling 2 people in a week, generating leads, rank advancing in your company, ability to pull numbers from cold market, etc… As you can see, your topic can be on anything.

How To Sell On Webinars – The Intro: 1-2 minutes

Come in with High energy, emotions and excitement (Especially when a sale is involved)

Most, if not all sales are made with and from emotions and excitement. High (not spastic) energy is key here. You should be excited about your product/service anyway. 

Say hello to those on the webinar. “Welcome Guests”… Even if there are only a couple. “I see all   sorts of people on here and some friends too. Hey Bob. Hey Nancy. Glad you could make it on”

Get a post on Facebook going from your people. This is great for social engagement and shows others that might not be on, that they need to get on straight away.

It’s a good idea to let people know that you are not there to waste their time. It’s time to get serious so “Get rid of distractions and Give Me Your Full Focus”

When it comes to selling, you must give a heads up. Drop hints “You’re going to want to stay with me till the end” and “I’m going to show you how all this came together”
Example if speaking about webinars: “I promise that by the time this webinar is over, you will have the ultimate power to start printing money with webinars THIS WEEK even if you just got started yesterday and never made a dime online before”

How To Sell On Webinars – The Why: 3-4 minutes

Why “This Product”
Speak about timing. The “Newest Strategy” “Hot Off The Presses” “New Year Coming Up”… Their Time Is Now!

Benefits and the benefits of the benefits.
A Benefit “How would it feel to generate 7-12 leads per day on auto-pilot”
Benefit of the Benefit “How would it feel to be free to spend more time with your family and not worry about your income”

How would it feel, statements get your audience imagining their future.

How To Sell On Webinars – Why Me: 5-10 minutes

Even if you are brand new
Leverage the person, course or system that you’re receiving your information from. Most will stop themselves from creating a webinar due to a lack of experience or perceived value. That’s no big deal. Until you feel how valuable you really are, use other people’s value and promote that. 

Remember this is not about you It’s about your audience. Who’s going to take your information and change their own life? YOU are just the messenger…

Paint the Dream
Talk about your story of where you came from and lead them to HOPE. Everyone loves struggle, uphill battles and winning at all costs. Even if you’re not there yet, be real. Again, use someone’s story. Be Authentic.

Talk about having the freedom to create a life where, money is no longer an issue. No money for Christmas, Date Night, Food, Bills…This is THEIR solution.  

Get people to know like and trust you by making by bringing you to life. #KeepItReal

Ask permission
“Raise your hand if I have your permission to be real tonight. Because what we’re going to be speaking about could change your life forever”

Be funny and have fun throughout the process

How To Sell On Webinars – Webinar Proof

Screen shots, testimonies, results, thank you’s, what you are about to show them.

Show pics of what you have now: Leads, money, cars, lifestyle, vacations – Because of this – X has happened. I remember when we purchased a $250 pool with some commissions that came in. I took a screen shot posted it on social media. Call me crazy but I got noticed. We started small.

All this lowers resistance to the receipt of information of your audience

How To Sell On Webinars – Why Now: 11-12 Minutes

Why not now? What are you waiting for? Imagine if you took action when you first got started. Imagine 2-4 months from now. What realm could you be sitting in right now?

You are ready for the Results You’ve been Waiting for.
Set yourself free, be there more for your family, create that life where you wake up when you want, because you want to. This is literally, what you’ll see here, if you choose to take action…You’ll make 2017 the year that you break free.

In this region, you’re painting the vision for your audience. Tell them what is waiting for them as they are taking action on your webinar.

All leaders are holding Webinar. Coincidence?

Webinars are the Easiest ways make money, you can literally write your own checks.

Do you thrive to be a leader? A Speaker? Change people’s lives? Webinars are the way to make this happen the quickest.

Side Note:
If people jump off, who cares! You don’t know why. Internet issues, angry spouse, fell down from all your value… Be cool, people can feel your anxiety!

If you want to be on the cutting edge of EVERYTHING, get invited to events and partake… You Must Do Webinars

How To Sell On Webinars – Juicy Content: 13-40 minutes! 

Give them exactly what they were there for.
Under Promise and Over Deliver…Provide Real Value!!

Nervous? This is not about you! It’s about the person’s life that’s going to change from something you’re about to say.

What was “MY PROMISE / HOOK” in the beginning? MY Content for this presentation. Keep this in mind as you are going through your presentation. 

For your Value. Ask yourself what your prospects want? (Leads, products, money, lifestyle)

Search your product/service/opportunity to get the value. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Use what you have already. Put this info together, people will pay your for it!

Leverage your sponsor. Ask them if they’ll get on a webinar with you for social proof.  Your sponsor wants you to make more money. Let them help you create success.

How To Sell On Webinars – Transitioning to the Sale

Lead generation, Leadership training, weight loss, blogging, prospecting, needlepoint…whatever?


This is typically where marketers get caught up. The Dreaded Transition!


Being that you’ve been dropping the note that you will be offering something, throughout the webinar, this part is just about going into the sale. 
Using verbiage similar to “This system is how I was able to create the results we spoke of” – “I’ve been able to pull all this together, using this system, product, service, etc…”

The biggest thing to consider, be authentic. If you have confidence is what you’re selling, it will be a piece of cake. 

My Friend Steve Jaffe, put a short 30 minutes webinar…Showing His Webinar Sales Formula

Why should You be doing webinar?

All leaders are holding Webinar. Coincidence?

Webinars are the Easiest ways to grow you audience, grow your authority,  make money, you can literally write your own checks.

It’s time for YOU to earn an income for your value. Stop doing everything for FREE! You deserve to be paid for what you do. Your value is valuable. You’re doing your list and fans a dis-service. Providing value is great but, by giving everything away for free, your training your list..that that’s who you are. They eventually will lose respect for your value.

I’ll leave ya with this… you’re building a face to face relationship with 100’s if not, 1,000’s of people all at one time. And that is cool!
Use the value you know. People will pay you for this. You don’t need to cure an incurable disease. Be yourself, have fun and change lives.


“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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