Secret Living An Abundant Life

WIN_20150313_163525Steps To An Abundant Life

Wouldn’t it be cool to walk around life with more abundance than you ever thought possible? When you’re finished this, you’ll start seeing people that understand that abundance comes to those who expect it and accept it. 

First thing we all need to understand is that we are all worthy of abundance. We are not on this Earth to struggle, stress and worry ourselves until we die. I fully believe that all those things are evil and resistance that we run into as we walk towards the greatness we are bound for. 

The bigger we go, the more resistance we run into. The bigger we go the more resistance we run into…You know what’s great about that? When the resistance and breakdowns come, you know something huge is coming. When you know more than you know that this is going to happen, you go through the circumstance with confidence. Because you know that all circumstances are temporary.
Using this strategy will change the way the circumstance is occurring to you. We are able to see on a bigger level and be grateful for the circumstance and for all else in your life.
And you’ll appreciate as the circumstance passes. It can and will be life changing.

Steps To An Abundant Life

Oh man, I love this subject. When Danielle and I started living these concepts, our entire lives changed. It’s amazing. 

“Because You’re Worth It”

Steve Krivda

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2 thoughts on “Secret Living An Abundant Life

  1. Julie Syl Kal

    Living in gratitude, replacing expectation with gratitude, these things changed my life and ultimately I know that its aligned taking me to the greatness I was created for. Its just as easy to allow positiveness to flow into one's life just as its easy to allow negativity to take over. I prefer positivity! Thanks Steve…the video….!!!

  2. Steven C. Krivda

    Hey Julie. Appreciate you.
    great comment. I have the video up now LOL
    It was taking some time to get rolling

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