Sales Person or Problem Solver


Sales people, gotta love em.

They are just trying to make a buck, just like you and me.

The difference is, their job is to sell you something. Make it look so awesome that you HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I would say, half the time you walk away with something you either didn’t want or you were “Upgraded” to something you didn’t need.


Well, here is the first thing. Change how you present yourself and how you are perceived. You are not a salesperson. You are a problem solver. You see, no matter what you are promoting, the people that look at it are doing so for a reason.

Here is an example of a friend I just met, Stephanie.

In this case, health/wellness, you are helping people in one or two ways.

People, today are looking. They are looking to become healthier and have more money. You provide both, yes? So your job is to solve their problem.

When talking with someone about what you have to offer. You must first get to know this person and find out if they need either one. Most will need one, if not both. If they are happy with their lives, that’s cool too. Don’t press the issue, let it go be their friend and move on.

Example Conversation:

How are things going with you? (their answer) Great. How has life been treating, you know economy etc…

Let them speak; people love to talk about themselves.

From what they say or type, if email, you will know exactly how to respond.

If this: I’ve been doing pretty good, been sick on and off for about 3 months now. Can’t seem to shake it.

Your response is: Let me ask you this, if i could share something with you that may help you with your ailment and make you some extra money at the same time, would you be up to it?

If they say “NO”, then you didn’t want them on your team anyway. BUT

If they say yes. Then, whatever you do, don’t explain what you are doing or what it is. Tell them “Great, let me get your email address so I can send you my information” Let the tools of the company do the work for you. Even in your email, don’t lead on with a bunch of extra details and blow it, use the human curiosity to do the work for your. You can add “we are running a bunch of specials right now. if you think this may help, let me know and i will email them to you”

You see, what you just did was create TRUST #1 and CURIOSITY, right?

Now they are like, wow, I should check this out.

This is a concept that can work for any business that you have to offer. YOU are offering services to help people. Whether it is juice, vitamins, filters, gold, silver, fish bowels, a self branding website like MLSP, whatever…you get the point.

You are helping people, building trust, rapport and they will come back to you and NOT YOUR PRODUCT.


Get it? This is about branding you as a leader, not some person vomiting out a sales pitch.

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If you have an opinion, feel free to leave it.

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda