Sabotaging Your MLM Success

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Sabotaging Your MLM Success

This is pretty funny to think of, that we would actually be slowing down our journey towards success. You see, the cool thing about network marketing is that your MLM Success sits squarely on your shoulders.

How do you sabotage your MLM Success

Every leader will tell you to build your list and you do. There is also a different list…your “Chicken List” LOL. This is the list of people that you might be a little intimidated to talk to for one reason or another. By not talking to them, you are doing yourself a disservice. Most people on that list are strong willed, confident people. Those are the ones that you WANT on your team. They don’t know anything else but to succeed.

Here’s a quick illustration of what I have used in the past when I had a chicken list.

Me: Hey Bob, listen…if anyone talks to you about XYZ, talk to me and/or tell them that you and I are already talking, cool?

Bob: Well, what’s XYZ?

Me: I don’t have any time to talk about it right now because I have to go but, remember to talk to me first.

You see, you are creating curiosity and want from them.

Two days later, at the gym.

Bob: Hey Steve, I didn’t have anyone talk to me about XYZ.

Me: Phew, that’s great.

Bob: So, tell me what this is all about.

Me: I still don’t have time to talk about it but, give me your phone number and email address and I will get in touch with you later, when’s the best time?

You see how well that worked? It’s attraction marketing. I created curiosity and he ended up coming to me.

Your MLM Success is up to you. You have to talk to people, they will come to you but you need to entice them. You have solutions to just about anyone’s problems, with your business. Whether they need more time, more freedom, more money, etc… doesn’t matter. Your business can provide what they are looking for.

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