Rycarda Smith

06-06-17 Follow up Session

Rycarda has set up appointments
Calling and following up
Seeing big pictures. Great breakthrough.
Offered continued coaching. Not right now.

05-17-17 Breakthrough Session


In Valentus

Real Estate or 35 years.
*Had successful and not-so-successful realms
*It became “Not Fun”
*Finally walked away from RE last year

Married for 40 years!
Lindon-Husband is 78yrs old. Has arthritis.
*Feels at though may have early dementia.
No children…Tried for ten years

Feels a block when speaking to people
*Went to the mall last weekend.
**Got a number but didn’t follow up

What Does Rycarda Want?
Money to take life a ‘little easier”
Someone to clean house twice a month
Not having to look at bank account before buying something
Start traveling (Barbados)-Not in economy class
Have home in Arizona to help with Lindon’s arthritis
Children at schooling that don’t have enough
$100,000 per year
“At current moment in time, funds are keeping you guys comfortable”

Why is the above so important
After working so hard… Want to live great again.
There was a certain standard of living that Rycarda wants back.
Dad came over as a kind of slave
Mom provided, however…things were tight! Sometimes splitting up an apple to the family

Does Rycarda feel as if she deserves it

Why has the above NOT happened yet?
I don’t know
Did not call back prospect – “I don’t know why”
Not the first time…This happens often.
I’m not attracting the right people

Spoke about Money Lack Issue
When we don’t have money-it’s a worth issue. When we see it coming-it becomes a worth issue
Loves to be challenge

There is a Fear Of Loss Here

Others have done this. Maybe they are more skilled. or have the “Gift of Gab” <–Excuse to not

Brother passed away 17-18yrs
Working in Nigeria and they stated he had a heart attack. Feels as if he was poisoned.  Loss
Dad passed away 10 years ago

Mom passed away 4 years ago (close to mom)

What person would make those calls?


“I am confident” ~ “I am powerful” ~ “I am worthy” ~ “I am successful” ~ “I am smart”
“Who can I Bless today” ~ “I will Impact someone today with conversation”

Good at cooking
Leader in starting tasks

Bring up cold market prospecting and follow ups

Follow up:
3 Steps
#1 Hey name calling at our appointment time. Give me a call asap at #
#2 Hey name, i called and left a message for you yesterday. Hope you’re okay. Give me a call #
#3 Hey name, i left you a couple messages this week. I haven’t heard back from you. I’m going to assume that this isn’t a fit for you. No big deal, I’ll go ahead and take you off the list. If you ever need anything, give me a call at #

“Write a book”

Write a letter to mom and brother

The Compound Effect ~ Darren Hardy 
SteveKrivda.com/MLSPVision  <– Get this to Steve by Friday

Affirmations: Morning and Night
“I am confident” ~ “I am powerful” ~ “I am worthy” ~ “I am successful” ~ “I am smart”

What to say prior to getting ready to make calls
“Who can I Bless today” ~ “I will Impact someone today with conversation”