Rubi Torres

08-16-17 Session #7 of #30

Team is half way to pink – on track to MAKE IT!
Mastering the art of talking back to EGO
**Husband caught speaking to EGO. (Good thing)
**Feeling stronger in ‘certain ways’
Able to take breaks
Created playlist of high intensity songs on YouTube
Sales still coming in – including an unexpected sale
I’m so much further than I was
Doing 2 hours of personal development
Rubi and Team has surpassed previous months goals-ALREADY

Work on dialing in on personal development
–> certain ways?

Personal Development?
45 minutes – Joel Osteen / Meditation
Journal – Daily progress, prayer, 10 things grateful for

Feeling stronger in ‘certain ways
Getting More Focused

Intentions for today’s call…
Get better at closing
Game plan to go harder
**What does this look like?**
>Bad Ass Goal Purple by October 17th<
>>$40,000 in company (team) sales – (4) Qualified Reps – Rubi and (2) Green Reps = $34k and $6k from everyone else
**1,300 Mascaras – Closes 1 out of 5 — (20) People per day for sales


Build Audience:
Increase FB reach. Follow 20 people per day. Friend requesting up to 10 people
Profile pictures…Cover pictures…INCREASE POSTS

Next session FB fanpage – Paid ads?

08-07-17 Session #6 of #30

New rep signed up on Friday as expected. She’s running hard!
*This make 3 people that are running hard.
Sale this weekend

Needed to stop for a few this weekend. Anxiety attack this past Sunday
*Reached out to Aunt and sees something that is the final block.
**”That” is: Goal has “Not To Be” my mom.
***It’s about acceptance of having mom’s traits.
****These traits – Anger, irrational reactions, blame world, run away

Feels as though “I need to be in control”

**Reading Tony Robbins-Priming Exercise

Rubi’s getting a handle on things in life…

To Work On:
Time Management
What Fires Up Rubi?
*Seeing others working harder
*End of month push
**Create weekly pushes

7 Day Goals Commitments: 08-14-17
Write down breakdowns
Sit for a total of 4 hours.
*Speak to 10 people per day
*Increase relationships with current friends
*Sit for 2 hours and comment/like in groups of past
>2 new presenters
>Sell 4 Kudos for foundation
>Help team through training
>50% to Pink

Next Session: What to do to rank up and get recognized?

08-04-17 Session #6 of #30 – Cut Short from call from police

New Rep/Member coming on today
“Got a fire lit under me” (below are the orders going towards Women’s foundation from the last hour)
*(2) Orders coming in today (Kudo)
*(1) more being placed for tomorrow

Week was good BUT not fired up like the last hour

Rubi was interrupted with a doorbell ring. Had to jump off.

07-28-17 Session #5 of #5

(1) Sign up on Monday
(2-3) more coming

Hasn’t hit sales goals yet. $495…Looking to gain another $5 to hit “Fast Start” Bonus of $50 in products.. Yet

Had issues with Family with mom and daughters (1) pregnant

Turned a test into a testimony on Wednesday with FB Live
Spun Thursday…

Call Yvonne –


Girl #1: Favor
Girl #2: Favor

07-20-17 Session #4 of #5

Got Two people on the phone
Still Working on the two that are joining
*(1) joining tomorrow – (1) waiting on funds
Hit $350 in sales
3/4 way to Pink… (Needs $1,000 in sales)

Being “Tested” more now than before <Stepping Up In Life>

Noticed: Able to come back from below incident quicker.
Mom had episode with family. Spoke with Rubi

Not nervous about getting (2) people on the phone.
Made the calls fun.
Confidence increasing!!

How’s the “day” going?
Starting to use 196 sheet.
*On desk… sometimes forget
*Seeing areas to increase activity

Still finding self walking away from desk…
*At job, Rubi was a finance guru. When left corp America, felt like “That Part” left.
*The Manager from Corp America

What love about Corp Job?
Always helping people
Always helping team
Loved the managing
Fire handler and good at that <– Made a difference in someone’s life
Helping people reaching goals
Always creating training for team
Felt Like Lost The Above

Growth no longer has that ceiling…

7 Day Goals:
Achieve Pink: $600 in sales in addition and (3) Sponsored People
and (5) people on the phone…

07-14-17 Session #3 of #5

Working the hardest at business in 8 months
Getting lots of positive feedback about Authenticity
Decided to switch back to AM Uber driving
**Sat in 60 minutes of traffic this morning – Saw as a Test
Handling your breakdown
New Affirmation “It’s easy to talk about my business”
Talking to 10-15 per day…
Building a lot of relationships

Been doing most prospecting through messenger
“I’m walking away from my computer (strategy)”

Still need to work on consistency
Time management
*Wants to sit for 3 hours. Finds out that sit for 1 hour and gets distracted.

Tests this Week

7 Day Goals:
Get (10) people on the phone
Hit $500 in sales… Currently at $200 in sales
*How to hit another $300 in sales – Free shipping this weekend. Reaching out to fence sitters
*New product coming live on August… Working on pre-orders
Add 2 Team Members (Working on 1 (Tonya) currently)
Gear towards Avatar…
NO NEED TO VIDEOS YET! I want to work more on that. I have a plan for those videos

Next Session Outside the box FB Groups to find people!
Possibly Videos

07-06-17 Session #2 of #5

I feel like a whole new person. I’m Back!
Made two sales this week.
Feels surreal
After wrote letter to mom. Mom called with animosity. (see below)
**Found out forgiving but not being grateful. Started being Grateful to Mom…all shifted
Ready For Going Bigger! Wants 6 Months! (Committed)

Still looking for consistency. Hasn’t been where “I” would like it to be.
Changed energies… and having a hard time sitting. Uses computer.
Take break throughout day and 30-45 minute lunch… complete disconnection
1 away from $200 bonus. Froze… Got home and laid down. 60 minutes later and got up and HIT THAT BONUS! True Champion Status

What’s motivating Rubi to as consistent as recent. 
*New found results
*Limiting Belief – Dissipating

What’s the focus if the above goes away?
To be home in 9 months with Grand baby
Creating a massive team of amazing women.
To create coaching program to help women

What does Consistent Rubi look like?
Works on bus every day
Helping women every day
Amount of work is done each day
Working on other’s needs beyond own
Business part of Rubi but not defining Rubi

Create mission Statement

7 Day Goals/Commitments:
2 new business partners
min $500 in sales
3 hours a day prospecting

Next session – Speak on blogging/videos and being ‘ready’

06-28-17 Session #1 of #5

With Younique

Accomplishments since committed to coaching
Created to do list
Created contact list-23 people per day to speak to
Started working on side project-Writing Book
MLSP 15 minute coaching
Some struggle moving towards money producing activities
Not moving fast enough
Looking to re-create brand.

Run business like business
Be able to rank up in business-What does this look like?
**$2,000 team sales. (1) Team builder-came close couple months ago and froze

Have confidence/courage and strength to help self and team
Attract leaders-to be able to be the person the that attracts leaders

What does “I Froze” mean?
Last job – manager as tour operator and Supervisor at Expo… Globus
***Expo shut down. Tour operator job was demoted to different team
Dad committed suicide when younger – 11yrs old
Mom not stable-Fighting to “Not” become her.
***Feels as if may be becoming her.

What is that Rubi wants:
Peace!! Happiness, joy…to know that “I am enough”. To know that I can help people
Give children what “I didn’t have” “Want them to feel loved” “Stop the cycle” “Be happy and help kids be happy” “And pass happiness through generations”
Feel that the above is possible? Yes!

Why Above:
Didn’t feel the above as growing up. Didn’t have dad.
Feels as though, let go of dad’s suicide.
If mom doesn’t love you, who can?
(Still looking to gain mom/dad’s approval)

Limited Belief:
Fear of success. To be able to handle success.
Won’t have approval from parents. Self-worth. Won’t be able to appreciate it because of this.

What’s it going to cost to stay with those limiting beliefs:
Will become mom. Giving up on life. Of becoming dad, as well. – Not anymore

Describe the Rubi that has attained the above:
Full of life, Strong, Beautiful, Happy, Full of Joy, Compassionate, Loving Unconditionally… A Warrior.
I am a Warrior. I am strong. I am beautiful, I deserve happiness and joy. I am worthy. I make a difference in people’s lives. 

Who is Rubi and what she wants to be:
Be a leader to women. The powerhouse that leads women to greatness.
Use own story…

Afraid of becoming mom – Not anymore

*Create Facebook page with presentation style

To Do List…
Main priorities-10 new friends on FB, Postings, Training.

Book-When ready talk to Steve

Creating manifestation journal for future

7 Day Goals:
FB Lives (see cold mkt video)
DMO: In bed typically 9:30-10pm
4:30am Self-Development/prayer (45 minutes)
5:30am Get ready for Uber Driving
Noon / 1pm Liking and commenting on people’s stuff, sprinkled in (30 minutes)
1:30pm (latest) Active prospecting (2 hours minimum)
3:30pm Family infiltration / and Scheduled Calls
4pm-5pm Learn in short bursts. Relevant
6pm Dinner
7pm and on – Scheduled calls.
Before bed MM Night Aff.

Download the MyFitnessPal app for phone… For Health
Write forgiveness letter to mom.
Write forgiveness letter to dad.
Miracle Morning Night Aff.
Goal of 23 people per day. Text or FB message number to Steve

Facebook Live Topics:
Empowerment through story
Intentions of Story