Roger Kirkhart

09-06-17 Strategy Session

Works in Video production
Polycon trains support people.
Moved to Northern New Hampshire after divorce (2 years ago)
*Different areas of New Hampshire over the last 20 years
Has 7 children
2 Girls and 5 Boys
*3 of them are men in the Marines)
*Other 4 are self sufficient
*10 Grandchildren

2014-2015 Separated to wife, right before divorce (would have been 40 years)
18 days before anniversary – some pain here
*It was all of a sudden?
**Had counseling years before
Roger had anger issues
Sharma grew up as someone that avoids conflict
~Reconcile would mean. To be civil with each other

2015 Introduced to MLM (Pay To Save)
2016 Working with MLSP Sites

Intentions for today’s call:
Working but not doing the network marketing stuff
Not staying motivated

What does Roger want?
Reconcile with Sharma…
Alimony challenge
Provide for Grand-kids ~ College funds, etc…
Pass Spiritual heritage and value to kids
Help Bob and Steve.
Now that I have money

Grew up in Ohio with mom, dad and sister
Decent up bringing up. Good family dynamic
Parents passed:
*Dad 2004 <– Cancer
*Mom 2008 <–Sudden. Fell and had complications/depression

’04-’05 – Roger lost job. Fell into depression. Both got married shortly after $$
Was the manager that knew about the list of layoffs. Didn’t know he was on the list
Got tricked
Marriage turned to room mate agreement

What does Roger think is holding himself back?
Obviously has knowledge
How to go about doing stuff is not an issue
Used to sit at computer and get work done
*Lost motivation. Felt like he could do more

Notable statements:
Headed for a cliff?
Frog in a pond

Present with people aka good listener

3 years from guy:
Successful Roger…
What advice would this guy give today Roger?
Get out of your head
Why are you still hiding from God?
Your business is a blessing
***You’ve suffered enough… It’s time***

Helping people
Re-Create Vision

Have you given it up to God? Emotional, not sure
Do you feel worthy of success?
Worthy of Grace?
Creating out of thin air