Robert Wall

06-16-17 #6 of #15

God is good
Had 3 people sign up for the Faith Positive Program
For next 3 months – Preferred member of Chick-Fil-A
*Potential to go Nationwide
*Business model built it to Faith Positive
**$297 Creates Spiritual Program Package-
***Each week receive videos & worksheets for 7 weeks-Biblical Based. (1) coaching session at begin and (1) at end. Leads to fellowship opportunity.

7 Day goals:
Set up Faith Positive Program Webinar (listen to last 10 minutes or so of recording)
Youth Derivative

Get back to Steve via email asap
What’s happening with Rodney
Incorporating MLSP and WV

06-09-17 #5 of #15

Focusing on Faith Positive
Doing coaching sessions for Faith Positive
Next week 6/15 Lunch n Learn

Do I separate Faith Positive from Business?
*Correlations between Faith and Business? Yes
*Is it how you’re bringing about the message? How to pre-qualify on Social Media
*Bring up Faith Positive in your Facebook Lives… as side note. OR straight up about it.
*Hey Locals! Are you interested in bringing more Faith into your business? Do a Live on this…

Action Steps:
Facebook Live tonight…sidelines of Faith Positive
Get into Routine – Create reminder…
Mission Statement: How business and Faith Positive work together 7 days of action…

05-15-17 #4 of #15

Coming off a rough stretch. Ready to move back to movement

Made changes to the PDF giveaway
Made list of topics

No Facebook Lives or Created any content

25% LinkedIn
75% Facebook

Faith Positive:
Giving Faith minded Business owners counseling on how to treat employees.

Committing to FB Live 05-16-17
*Topic – “Why’s” – Go into Vision ** Why’s come from a place of lack and pain. Vision is your new reality.
Start 2-5 conversations per day.

05-03-17 #3 of #15

04-05-17 #2 of #15

Part 1:
Part 2:

1/96 sheets – Started 04-03-17. Realizing how many gaps in day
Set up MLSP
Went through orientation
Found focus

MLSP System campaigns -Facebook Live Promotion Minute 26:00

Revisit Vision
Create Funnel for WV. See
Product – Taking people to next level?
Corporate Training? Inspiration?
Marketers Guide To Freedom <—Consider Name?
How To Create a red hot buyers list
Turning your list to a buyer (inviting)
Guru’s way of presenting (3 step setup)
Closing 101. Scripts to closing more people (going for the sale/objection handling)
Create Massive Team Duplication


Creating a product

Target Market: middle aged, wants more, be own boss but doesn’t know how.

Additional Resources:


03-31-17 #1 of #15

Ground rules of Steve. Integrity
Currently doing:

Expectations for coaching: 
Based on destination, figure a plan
Able to cast inspiration however, it becomes diluted from being scattered

What does Rob want?
To be a coach
Personal branding
Duplication for a team
Bigger vision of helping, serving, bringing value to people
Spending too much time on business (scattered time) – Create more time with Family

Why is THAT important?
Time is too short. Feels like wasted time. Give family time. <—Passion

What’s the limiting belief?
Focus. More over focusing on others success.
Personal Accountability.
Fear of disappointment
Fear of loss
Been playing it safe

If continuing to play small…what’s it going to cost?
The more in the current environment…The more pulled into what I’m NOT passionate about
Losing identity
Not live up to potential

What $ would make that a reality? $7,000 – $9,000

Building Business:
MLSP as Lead Generator

7 Day Commitments:
“I am worthy of great things”
“I am success” <– With life and family
Keep note pad together
Who must I become in order to get what I want?
What product do you want to create. 2-3 Ideas
Go through Set-up
Do Orientation on Monday –
Go to Training / Marketing Strategies and choose a strategy