Road Rage Avoidance

Road Rage Avoidance

With today’s insanity, road rage is becoming more and more prevalent. At least from what I have been observing. It’s pretty crazy driving sometimes to the point where it can be an unpleasant endeavor. So I came up with some tips on how to improve our driving etiquette.

If you are driving in the left lane and someone is bearing down on your tail-lights, it’s okay to move over to the right and let that person pass you. After all, it is the fast lane. Who knows, they may have to go home and POOP. Or maybe there is an emergency or just maybe they are just crazy LOL.

Left lane again. If you are in the left lane and the person in front of you is going slow and you have a chance to pass, go ahead and pass. It’s okay, don’t worry life won’t end. Tailgating that person is very risky and could cause an accident. It’s not worth dying to get the person in front of you to go faster.

Road Rage Avoidance

This one is nuts, especially here in Naples, Florida. Are you ready? If you miss your turn, it’s okay to make a U-turn. There is no need to slam on your breaks, there are a bunch of places to turn around. Phew okay, got that one out, LOL


If you are in the left lane and the person in front of you is going slow and they are the leader and you CAN NOT pass, it is your responsibility to attempt to get their attention to get them to either go the speed limit or move to the right lane. Use some Etiquette too, be cool about it. Light flash or short beeps of your horn is cool.

Road Rage Avoidance

If the person in front of you is going slow because of the person if front of them, tailgating is not going to work. The person can only go as fast as the person in front of them.

If you can’t talk on the phone and drive, PULL OVER. Come on, if you can’t pay enough attention to the point where you don’t know if someone is behind you, what are you going to do if a car actually comes at you? It’s not worth killing someone.


My last thing is just something cool that I started doing over the past year. If I see someone with a tail light out, I do my best to pull up next to them to let them know that it is out. It’s just a nice gesture and let me tell you…people are VERY GRATEFUL.


There you have it, I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Together we can make driving cool again.


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  1. Graham Judd

    Common sense tips that aren’t so common anymore. I could do a whole other blog on how to react to emergncy vehicles too 😉

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