How To Recruit More People In Your Business – Module 2

Recruit More Reps Module 2Recruit More People – Closing

Stop judging, Yes I used the word closing. Isn’t that what it’s called, closing a business transaction or a conversation or a deal? Anyway, LOL. There a lots of ways that you can help someone join your business and here is what I like to do and it’s producing results. If what you are doing is working, don’t change it.


In Module 1 I talked about being a professional. In this module/video, it’s about sharing your excitement.


Tip #1: Be excited, let your emotions about this incredible opportunity pour from you.

Tip #2: Ask them what they liked best…Not what they “Thought” or how they “Felt”. By asking them when they like best, they will automatically got to the hottest points from the video.

Tip #3: Show them where you are going with this and be serious. This is your business, let them know that you are going to be putting this in front of hundreds of people and you plan on putting in thousands of people. You’d love to lock arms and welcome them to the team.

Then say: “Sounds to me like you’re ready to get started”

Watch the video below, I detail the above tips a little more and give some examples.


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