Recruit More Reps With This One Tip

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There are only so many people that you can talk to during the day, especially if you are like me and working a full time job. There are people that are really good at getting people to “Sign the Dotted Line”   So, why can’t that be you?

It can be, you just have to know how to talk with people. In fact, when you watch the video below, you are going to see just how simple this can be.

Recruit More Reps

I love it…there’s so much training out there on recruiting that you can literally go crazy. Follow the basics and be a human being and you’ll be awesome!

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“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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2 thoughts on “Recruit More Reps With This One Tip

  1. Valerie Yates

    So many people are out there memorizing scripts about what to say and so nervous about it, they forget that the key to our business is relationship building and relationships are easily built when you start asking questions and listening. Awesome and I'm definitely going to grab your audio. Thanks Steve.

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