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Long Term Network Marketing Growth
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There are so many different reasons one would enter the network marketing arena. Some for a great product, some for the amazing tax advantages, some looking to create an additional income and then you have the dream seekers. For me, it was all the above. I knew that if I were to truly make a difference for my family and myself, I had to make a decision as to what I was going to do for the rest of my life. After years of petering around the industry, 2013 I decided to increase my network marketing growth.

How you see the industry and how you see the energy of money is going to dictate how you grow your business.Image result for quick buck

Those that are looking in from the outside, see the industry as a money grabbing frenzy. That marketers are only out for one thing and that’s to make a quick buck.
Newsflash, there are people in this industry that are willing to do anything and say anything to make a quick dollar. Understand, that’s everywhere and in every industry. The simple reason network marketing is tagged, it’s in the homes of people you know.

Imagine if everyone you knew, saw it for what it is… An opportunity to create some additional income. Spread around a product that could help someone or add value to a life or two.

For those that want to make a quick buck, it’s only a matter of time before you’re found out and called out.

For those that are looking to make this your lifestyle, I have outlined 3 tips for maximum network marketing growth.

  1. Be Authentic. This goes with any business. The person you’re speaking with wants to know three things. Will you help them? Do you care? and Can they trust you? If you are leading with integrity, you will grow and build a long lasting legacy.
  2. Using The System. Every company has a system that works. Typically it’s handed down from those who have already created success.
    If you don’t have a system, you’ll want to create one for yourself. It should include.Image result for System
    How to invite
    Overcoming objections
    How to present
    How to close
    Fast start system to get your new business partner rolling in the right direction
    If you don’t want to put the time into it, that’s cool. I have a Handbook that covers all that. you can pick that up for free at
  3. Create a Community/Culture. Even if you have one person, you’ve started a community. Best place to do this is Facebook in a group. I would make is secret. Adds a sense of secret society to it. Of course, I’m assuming that you are looking to build fast. As you grow, you and your team continue adding people to your group. Have meetings, keep everyone up to date with company updates and put on training. Better yet, have someone come in a do special training webinars. Culture is key for long lasting retention.

As you can see, all three of these tips are from a serving nature. In order to grow a business of depth, you need to be sure that your client and/or business partner knows you have their back. 

Image result for finding peopleWhere people find resistance with these tips, finding people to talk to. There are several places to find people. 
Warm Market 
Social Media
Cold Market
Online Networking Meetings

If you want massive Network Marketing Growth, start telling yourself that it’s possible for you. Follow the above process and start building your empire. 
If you’re still at a loss as to where to find people, have them come to you through attracting the right person to you! Wouldn’t that be great, to have people emailing you Their Information? It’s possible, it happens here every day.  See the System That I Use Here. Lead Generator System

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“The Authentic Marketer”
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  1. Anthony

    Great tips Steve! Glad to see I’m on the right track and creating my own system modeled from others whom I am learning from. Like they say Learn do teach

  2. Lorraine Menza

    I also agree that being authentic is the thing that will keep people reading or listening to you!

  3. Kenny Santos

    Be authentic! There is no need for lies or hype because the truth is good enough. This profession is so amazing there is no need to embelish or stretch the truth. Thank you for sharing.

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