Reach For Your Dreams – Wear Your Crown

reach for your dreamsWear Your Crown

Remember being a kid and all the fun stuff we would do. Riding your bike, playing war, ballet, pretending to be an astronaut, being a doctor, pro-ball player, etc… We had such big dreams growing up.
What happened?

Maybe it was someone telling you to grow up or get your head out of the clouds or better yet let me tell you how life really is. Something came about at some point and the mediocrity of life took over. It happens to everyone. It’s whether or not it’s recognizable in time. 

Can I make a bold statement and say that it’s never too later to reach for your dreams?
Warning, I talk about some of my childhood memories in this audio. 

Reach For Your Dreams
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Question for you is, what are you going to do today? Are you going to let that stop you from greatness or are you going to take a stand and go for what you want?

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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8 thoughts on “Reach For Your Dreams – Wear Your Crown

  1. Lorraine Menza

    It is important to learn the newest marketing strategies and the most effective way of doing this!

  2. Leslie Lane Peabody

    I LOVE IT! Wear your crown! You are speaking to the right lady! Taking your advice. I joined the #21DayBloggingChallenge today. I'm going for it! Right along with you!

  3. David Thompson

    That is a really cool way to express it. We all have those childhood memories and it is important that we wake that inner child in ourselves and reach for the stars.

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