Ray Williams

05-19-17 Breakthrough


What does Ray Want?
Have a practice online for Coaching/Hypnotherapy
*Have steady flow of clients
*What does that look like
Weekly Accountability – Connection with outside world
Buy a house in Colorado by next year
Clear vision of how to market

Why is this important to Ray?
Make a living cause I’m good at what I do
To take care Cindy <– Hot Point
Move out away from Vegas

Is the above possible for Ray?
Yes. I’ve done it before

What it going to cost Ray if he doesn’t start moving?
Sense of purpose, achievement, non-fulfillment…Years off of life

What’s holding Ray back? 
Out of money to go forward
Clarity – How to show up on the net
Overwhelmed – Where does this come from?
Little scared / angry
**Playing small because of fear.
“I’m not good enough”

What’s Ray afraid of? Sitting here in 1 year and nothing’s happened. To die in this “Space”

First adult job with dad. Dad lost business due to recession of ’76
Next full time gig, bought business and it went bust. Bought into a bad investment
Back on the road for 1 year, ended in Vegas. Flipped some houses. Moved back to Colorado
Then got involved in hypnosis with some success. 9/11 came around.
Cindy went back to Dental industry and that went south.
Cycle – Up~then Low, Up~then Lower, Up~then Lowerrrr…Giving Up

What Ray needs to show up in order to create the success that he deserves?
Accept and practice what preaches
*Fear confronter

Start with Ray’s Value…

“I am the one” “I am confident” “I am the leader people are looking for” “I am worthy”

Has confidence to help people
Issues with excepting compliments – “Almost as if I’m not worthy”
Must start celebrating others’ success


Calls others’ success – Lucky


Go to mirror and ask “Who Are You?”
Write Ray a letter to forgive himself – Read it over and over again until it means nothing
Send Avatar sheet to Ray