Qualifying A Prospect – How To Qualify Prospects With Intergrity

qualifying a prospectQualifying A Prospect

How many times have we passed someone up because we prejudged them? I know that I know there are people that you and I have left of the list because we thought we knew better. So, how do we go about qualifying a prospect? 

First off, I feel better calling prospects, people. I know that the word prospect is network marketing jargon but it just sounds rude. We take away the human aspect of people. Just my opinion, you may or may not agree, just my two cents. For the purpose of this post, I will use prospect.

There are people that we choose not to talk to that end up on other people’s team. That hurts a little but what hurts more, when they start crushing it. 
How can we avoid that? In the Video Below, I go over some points on how to qualify prospects and remain in integrity.

The question for here is, who are you going to be talking to next?



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12 thoughts on “Qualifying A Prospect – How To Qualify Prospects With Intergrity

  1. Cathy Fraser

    I agree Steve about calling people people vs prospects. I agree that we need to be more open to giving people a chance based on who they are vs what they look like. Giving them the option!!

  2. LuAnn

    great post Steve…I believe that we should give all people an option to decided on their own and not walk over anyone..and not everyone gets its the first time…thanks for sharing

  3. Ron McLean

    Great post Steve, as we all have a tendency to prejudge people and their situations.

  4. Pedro Marques

    I agree with you Steve connecting with your customer right the moment they join is essential to help grow your business and see if this business model is a fit for them or not. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Julie S Kalungi

    Its common to also share with someone, who Judges YOU as an upline and choses to join another team…then they come to you later with a lame apology!

    Its common though to judge others because we think they cant afford…and that’s the biggest mistake most of us do at some point or other in our Career as entrepreneurs. Thing is if you show someone and then forget about them and not follow up, we are judging them and they would be right to join another team. People who say they dont have time, need residual income the most…So yes Bro you are right. Lets give them that opportunity to decide!

    I do disqualify people depending on HOW THEY PROJECT!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      All we have to do is remember to meet people where they are 🙂

  6. Rebecca

    Any body can do let them have the choice.Don’t prejudge important tip.thanks for sharing.

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