Prospecting – What To Do At Family Events

Fireworks displayed over the American FlagProspecting at family events.

Whooo, this is something that I have made VAST mistakes in the past LOL. Picture this, you’re at a BBQ or some party on holiday and someone asks you what you’ve been up to…

“YES! Finally, here’s my chance. I’m totally going to be awesome and enroll everyone here”

LOL, that’s probably not going to work. Even the greatest of the greats have haters and chances are, that one of your not-so-greatest fans will be around to “Knock you off your high horse”

There are professional ways to prospect and there are rookie ways to prospect at parties.

A rookie will walk around spewing their presentation links, looking for laptops to present and be a walking billboard.
A professional will set up appointments and most of all HAVE FUN.

In the video below, I talk about the rookies and professionals and some funny stuff too. 

LOL, Seriously…You know you’ve seen the walking billboards.

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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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12 thoughts on “Prospecting – What To Do At Family Events

  1. Heika Sarty Boutilier

    Hi Steve! This advice is perfect timing for me! Been in my business 4 months and heading to a family event today. Have been struggling with my approach this afternoon… You clarified. Thank You!

  2. Harrison Chung

    Thanks man! hahaha yes just be natural, have fun, don't be Weird! 🙂
    Quick question, once I was at a party, we were eating, and in front of his friends, one guy I shown the business to in the past was like "hey how's that thing going? You're not having success? Do you EVEN know anyone who is having success?"

    I didn't feel like answering someone who had his mind set already so I just changed the topic. (not to mention his friends were also there listening) But just wondering what would you do?

  3. Steven C. Krivda

    Great question. I usually laugh and respond. "Oh man, I'm sorry…I thought you were kidding. Let me ask you that, what made you ask that specific series of questions?"
    You're calling them out without calling them out 🙂

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