Presenting Your Home Business Out Of Town

Presenting Your Home Business Out Of Town


When it comes to presenting your home business, resistance comes from all angles. We tend to categorize our lists to who we think will and won’t take our new “Concept” serious. When we think someone will be home from work and what they ate for dinner…haha. A common question comes from presenting to someone you know that aren’t in the same town as you.

In my opinion, anyone that lives within 2-3 miles of you deserves an in person visit. It’s hard to emulate a face to face visit.

With warm market, inviting face to face is pretty simple. We tend to make it weird as we let our anxiety get in the way of an authentic conversation. All we’re doing is setting an appt and showing up. The best place to meet is at their home. If you’re not comfortable with that, meeting them at a ‘quiet’ location is def the best.

Quick 2 Step Text:
You: Hey, you busy today after work?
Them: Yes, what’s up
You: I don’t have any time to get into right now, meet me at the “location of choice” on your way home. I want to run an idea past you.
*If they say they’re busy. “No big deal, I’ll catch up with you later”. You’ll want to give away the farm here. Stand your ground that you’re busy and you’ll hook up later. It causes scarcity for the next appointment.

In the Video Below, I share with you how to do this with a long distance prospect. I will also share with you, what do to when you get on the phone with your person. From picking up the phone and messaging, to the closing process.

When it comes to presenting your home business out of your zip code or right in your back yard, it’s about speed and integrity. The tweaks that we made in the video above, will bring you to professional status. Keep in mind, little resistance equals increased closing.


“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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    Great tips, being professional is the only way to do it and these tips get you there. Thanks for sharing.

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