Phone Fears – MLM Success and BIC

stop-panic-attacksPicking up the phone and that anxiety that comes with that action can be paralyzing. What if I could show you one thing that would alleviate that pressure, would that be exciting?

There is a technique that can be used by ANYONE that can help. Your MLM success and continued success is determined by you getting on the phone. It’s a must. I don’t care what leader or who tells you otherwise. In order to build an army, you have to have verbal communication with your current and future teammates. Building relationships is going to be a crucial part of your legacy.

Getting past that initial anxiety isn’t that difficult. You need an “Out” or a B.I.C. “Break In Communication”

This is quite simple. A BIC is something that you establish in the beginning of the conversation. Here are a couple of examples for you when you are calling to set up an appointment to have someone look at your presentation. “Hey man, I only have a minute or two and…” or “I’m getting ready to sit for dinner but wanted to call you before it go too late”

Those simple lines are your “out” to get off the phone, pretty much any time you want. When the conversation goes in a direction that makes you uncomfortable or there are questions that are being asked, you can respond with this. “Like I stated earlier, I am pretty short on time and have to get going, see you at noon tomorrow?”

I realize what holds people back is the question of “What is it?” With the above response, you can get past that question and move on with what counts and that’s sitting with the person.

You aren‘t being deceitful at all, you are actually saving an uncomfortable conversation. If you go into presentation mode and start explaining everything, you are depriving that person of making a full educated decision. Because you know, that we screw it up when we attempt to explain things LOL.

The video below explains this and I included an example:


Pretty cool, right? We all have people in our lives that go through this at one point or another. Feel free to share with those you love.


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Steve Krivda

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