Overcome Fear and Increase Confidence in Your Network Marketing

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Overcome Fear and Increase Confidence in Your Network Marketing

When I was a kid, I was a shy boy who didn’t like talking to people, let along meet someone knew. I found comfort in cartoons and food. My parents would get on me to go out and play with my friends, join the football, hockey, soccer game, etc… down the street with the local boys from school. Problem was, since I was the quiet kid, I was always picked last. This went all the way through High School. I am not telling you this so you feel sorry for me, that is BY FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Reason I am saying this is, YOU don’t have to live like that. YOU have the power to be and do whatever you want.

What did I do? After High School, I had a choice…Military or options I hadn’t found yet LOL. I figured since, I was looking at the military, I should get in shape. So, I went down to the local gym and met a Karate Instructor. Long story short, I went from a shy guy to placing 1st in National Fighting and 2nd in the World. Tooting my own horn? No not at all. You need to understand how transformations happen and how YOU can take charge of your life. It wasn’t Karate that changed my life, it was the self improvement process/transformation that I went through.

 What can you do? No, you don’t have to go out and join the local karate school hahaha. You have to start believing in yourself. You are no different than me, all you have to do is take action in your life and that is easier than you think. What I would suggest is to pick up a book or even an audio book. This is not corny LOL, this is cool stuff. There are people like Zig Ziglar, Benny Morris, John Hayes, etc… Isn’t it cool that for a measly $10 – $15 you can change your entire life.

 Understand your coolness. Once you understand that you are an awesome  person, you can do anything. You see, I put a crutch on the fact that I was overweight. What are you using for your crutch, what is your excuse that is holding you back from greatness?

 AlrightOvercoming your fears. This is a neat little exercise you can do for yourself. Write down the top 5 things that terrify you. Not the crazy stuff, like jumping out of a plane but, talking to strangers, speaking in public, calling people on the phone, etc… Take that list and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Take one thing at a time and conquer it.

 Taking baby steps.

Not sure about talking in front of people? Start by yourself in front on a camera and work your way to one person (spouse, mom, dad, kids, etc…) people that a supportive of you. You will soon find out that it is easier than thought.

How about that phone fear. Here’s something cool about being on the phone with people. THEY CAN’T SEE YOU. You could be in your underwear, jammies, full on suit, whatever you want to make yourself feel comfortable. This is about you and bringing something to someone that can literally change their lives. You are doing them a favor by talking to them, remember that. Who really care what people think anyway, this is about you. Nobody will love your until you LOVE YOURSELF.

 Keep working through your list. What you are going to find out is, your confidence will continue to grow, you will start believing more and more in yourself. You will realize that you are a Great Person who Deserves Greatness.

 Go out there and kick Fear’s Ass.


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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2 thoughts on “Overcome Fear and Increase Confidence in Your Network Marketing

  1. Adam Burns

    Fear is the ultimate crippler. I heard yesterday "that preparation bringeth confidence." If we simply conquer our fear one time it may lead to a lifetime of triumph in other areas of life. Great Post Steve.

    1. admin Post author

      Great addition Adam, rock on

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