Origami Owl Reviews – A Third Party Review.

Origami Owl Reviews – A Third Party Review.

Origami-Owl-Living-Lockets-Necklace-Mothers-Day-2Very cool that you decided to come by and check out my review. There are so  many Origami Owl Reviews out there. Well at least the title says that they are but when you open the page or video, it is someone talking about something else.

There’s a short story that is kind of neat. This girl named Alice, at the age of 15 wanted a car. So, she decided to start making jewelry to sell in order to save up for this car. Well, this little girl got a surprise of her life when she was offered a $250,000 check to purchase the company from her. And Origami Owl was born.

Origami Owl Reviews – The Product

The product seems cool enough. They are lockets that have a glass front that you can personalize by adding smaller charms inside according to the person who is to receive it. They come with all sorts of different assortments from danglers to pendants to full charms. Cool idea. Origami Owl also carries pendants with words like Inspire, Namaste and Grace. All of these range anywhere from $5 to $16

Origami Owl Reviews – The Price of the Business

The Basic package is $149.00 and you are a home business owner. In addition to now being a business owner, you are going to get a bunch of product. See below for the list:


  • 4 Assorted Living Lockets®
  • 36 Assorted Charms
  • 7 Assorted Tags
  • 6 Assorted Chains
  • 2 Assorted Dangles
  • 2 Assorted Stamped Plates
  • 1 Earth Element Stone

Marketing Material

  • 25 Take Out Menus
  • 25 Order Forms
  • 25 Postcard Invitations
  • 6 Jewelry Bar Planners
  • 12 Thank You Cards + Envelopes
  • A Start Living Your Dreams guide

Business Supplies

  • 2 Charm Trays
  • 3 pairs of Charm Tweezers (For Selecting Charms)
  • 5 Charm Votive (For Holding Customer’s Charms)
  • 6 Muslin Bags
  • 4 Fortune Cookies (For Packaging Lockets)
  • E-Commerce Website

You also have the next step up which is called the 10 Person Party Package. This items in this package are the same except you get 2 to 3 times the product as the Basic Package. You also receive a PV (Personal Volume) = $200. Which, it looks like a bonus.

Origami Owl Reviews – Promoting

Just like any business, you are going to need to get people to buy your stuff. What Origami Owl suggests is to have parties, these parties are called a Jewelry Bar. You invite your friends and family over, talk about the product, make some charms and generate an income. The real money will come in when you sell retail kits. I did some pretty extensive searching but couldn’t find much on how profit you could generate or what you receive in residual income. I have to apologize. I even Googled Origami Compensation Plan, LOL.

Origami Owl Reviews – My Summary

The company looks cool. I like what the product is, what it represents and the fact that it can bring people together. It doesn’t look like a lot of the junk that is circulating around the web. The only negative stuff I found was the customer service wasn’t very responsive.

All of that being said, you are going to need to reach out to more than the people in your direct sphere of influence. Maybe you don’t even want to talk to the people around you and want to reach out to internet land right away. Let’s face it, you can reach a whole heck of a lot more people on the net that you can by walking around the malls, gas stations and your Aunt Nellies Bar b Que.

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