Numis Network and Why I Love This Company

Numis Network and Why I Love This Company

Don’t worry, I am not going to go all cliche on you haha. I am going to give valid reasons and some opinion of course. As some of you may know I have been in a few Home Based Business’ in the past. From juice, to travel, to shopping sites, to host sites, etc… None of them really lasted too long with me. Mostly due to what I would find out once I made it inside the company and past all the hype.

Obviously I was skeptical as I was approached by my buddy in Numis Network. “Oh great, here we go again”

Since I learned my lesson in the past and thought it would be a good idea to do some research instead of taking some dude’s word for it.

I went after the founders first, Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian and Chris Kent. These guys have between 15-20 experience each and have made huge 6 figure incomes EACH in their companies. Pretty cool. I figured they knew what they were doing enough. One of the big things I like about the founders – They have the money to back the company. Most companies start on a limited budget and pray for a good first year. As you know, most fizzle out in the first two years.

Okay, next I decided to look at the product. When I started in Numis Network, there was only one coin we had to choose from. That was the 1oz of Pure Silver MS70 Silver American Eagle from the Govt. Mint. I thought, pretty bad ass…the product is money. So, every month I am going to get money instead of the same old stuff. If all else failed and I never made a penny, I would have MONEY LOL! Something I could give to my children, put away for their college funds, their first car or keep collecting over the years and put them towards my retirement. That totally made sense to me.

Now we have hundreds of coins to chose from, ranging from Brand new to over 1,500 years old. We also have gold AND silver coins to chose from. Product gets an A+ from me.

Then came the pay plan of Numis Network. Besides the residual income, we have a Fast Track Collector’s Kit bonus of $100 per person who joins my team. Then your forth person joins your team, you also get $100 matching bonus from every person that joins YOUR forth person through infinity’s teams. Meaning, when someone joins your fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc… person’s team, you get a $100 matching bonus. That also for all those people’s first three people, through infinity. AND you get $50 matching bonus on your first three people. I explain it better on my website here

Did I mention that there is a

100% guarantee?!

I actually made a video a while back because I was so excited, at the end there is a SPECIAL GUEST!

Needless to say I have been in Numis Network now for about 2 years now and making some pretty good income from it. Not to mention getting my Govt. Mint MS70 Silver Worldly coins every month. I am going  to go and get some Ice Cream.

Now that you have seen what Numis Network Offers, Click Here to get the ball rolling for yourself


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Steve Krivda