New To Blogging – 2 Challenges You May Face

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I am sure you know by now, that having your own website isn’t quite as simple as opening WordPress and start typing. Whether you’ve been writing for a while or you’re new to blogging, the challenges remain the same.
You may have figured out by now, that A Lot of people have their own blogs. Yet, only a few really stand out. Why is that?

First, there is a level of discomfort that comes with putting a piece of content together. You’re putting yourself out there for everyone to see. This in itself can stiffle production and it’s something I didn’t mention in the Video Below.

Perectionism. Rackng your brain with the attempt to be perfect. Nobody is perfect and attempting to be perfect is a painfully long process. It can and will become such a pain in the butt, that you’ll end up quitting the process before it even begins. Don’t worry about being perfect, get your content done, check your grammar and get it out.

In The Video Below, we discuss the Two Biggest Challenge that most face with blogging.

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14 thoughts on “New To Blogging – 2 Challenges You May Face

  1. Shelby Rojek

    This is great and you're right it doesn't have to be perfect. When I first started blogging I struggled big time with what to write. Now I just base it more on either something I've read by someone who knows more or what topic is standing out to me on a given day.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Heck yea and the webinar was off the hook

  2. LuAnn Novotny

    Wow steve great tips on blogging and some who is new… love Ray Higdon did his 3 minute expert training….gonna tune in for his werbinar… thanks

  3. Lynn Brown

    Great tips Steve. Blogging in the beginning can seem overwhelming when you are not sure what to write about. But you share some great ideas that will be helpful for the first time blogger. Also, after blogging for over 5+ years I’ve noticed that there is so much content ideas that is waiting to be written and shared. But as you mention, sometimes we get caught up with thinking we have to be perfect. I say, be yourself, and just do it. Soon after writing a couple of blog posts you just start getting a flair for what to write about and how to communicate with your audience. Thanks for sharing!

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