Network Marketing Events – Why Bother?

WV Event PicSo much “To Do” about Network Marketing Events

Seriously, who needs them? So much hype leading up to these “Historic” events. I mean seriously, I know everything about our company, I’ve been on all the webinars, read and watched all the DVD’s and CD’s. Why spend the money just to go, here and watch stuff I can see right in my back office.

Some of you are agreeing with that statement, I can hear it. I know, because that was me not too long ago. I heard about the fun my friends had, hanging out with each other but nobody really spoke of anything more than “Hanging Out”.

Then I noticed something. The ones who went to the events were slowly rising to the top.
So I caved. I went and “They” were right. Being Wrong Stinks LOL

Anyway, in the video below, I share my take on Events and you can decide if you want to go to the next one.

By the Way...the picture in the top left of the page. It’s from one of my company’s last events.

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“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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9 thoughts on “Network Marketing Events – Why Bother?

  1. Steven Girard

    Thanks so much for the nuggets Steve i totally agree i feel the same way after i went to my first event!

  2. Harrison Chung

    Thanks. I actually did take selfies with big leaders but haven't posted them yet! D: Thanks for the many tips shown here! I actually go to every single event but this blogpost gave me so many ideas on what to do next!

  3. Robert Strong

    Hi Steve,

    How are you buddy, I have to agree with you, that the events are a great way to get more of the inside information and a great way to connect!

    I have been to many events and they are truly amazing, and some of the friends that you are able to connect with and be able to move forward in your business is something that you cannot put a price tag with!

    I am actually going to a event here real soon. It is a good idea to get to at least 2 events per year.

    Great video and topic!

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