Network Marketing Tips – The Money’s In The Follow-up

Follow upThere are all kinds of stages we go through in our network marketing journey.

I don’t know if that statistic is true but I am willing to wager that it’s pretty darn close.

The initial excitement, to telling everyone, getting your first no, getting your first YES! It’s quite a roller coaster.

What you learn to do is to protect yourself from any sort of hurt and while doing that, we miss out on growing our businesses, impacting lives and affecting our bank account in a positive way.

Network Marketing Tips – The Money’s in the Follow-up.

I named this article for a reason. When going through the process of showing your presentation/opportunity to someone, you get a rush of emotions. Most don’t know how to handle that and just want that moment in time to end. Not that it’s a bad thing or that you are doing anything wrong but because you want to get them to watch the video so bad that them agreeing to do it is “Good Enough For Now”

If that is you, as I stated above there’s nothing wrong with that… except for one thing. You are left in limbo by your prospect, rendering you powerless.

When you are getting ready to show someone your opportunity, you MUST go into the meeting or conversation with the follow up in mind. Otherwise you are under the mercy of your prospect to get back with you. And we know how that’s going to work out LOL.

You sit the next day, wondering if they saw it, what they thought, what’s going on…You’re left in limbo and assume that it’s a No. When in fact, you have no idea. To be honest, they most likely never even looked at it.

Network Marketing Tips – Creating the follow up at the presentation.

Have a goal to make the appointment at the time of giving your link, cd, book or what ever marketing tool that you have. Once the person has the material in hand use these words “How soon can you take at look at this”   This is a respectable question to ask. It shows urgency and that you are serious about what you are doing. You are also holding that person accountable to you as a human being, that they are going to keep their word with you.

At the response, add the time it takes to watch the information and create the follow up. Meaning: If you are told a time of 5:00 tonight and your video is 20 minutes long, then set the follow up appointment at 5:25.  This shows that you are serious about what you are doing and that YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL.
That this is not just a hobby to you but a career decision.

You came into this industry with a certain result in mind, whether it’s to replace your current income, retire your spouse or to impact people’s lives and leave a legacy for your children. All of this is incredibly obtainable. In order to make that happen, you must take this process serious. Heck you get a $25 penalty fee if you miss a Dr’s appt. LOL


This is a 6 figure a year opportunity for you. When you let that come out through your conversation, your prospect will look at you differently, whether they are your friends, family or someone you just met at some event.

Go out and get what you deserve and that’s the best that life has to offer.


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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