Network Marketing Why’s – Do They Work?

whyNetwork Marketing Why

We all have reasons for the decisions made. Reasons why we get out of bed each day.
Reasons why we push ourselves outside our box. Reasons why we sacrifice ourselves for something bigger.
Reasons why we reach higher.

Is our Why enough to keep us going all the way to the end? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no.
Now, before you get mad at me, watch the video below and check out my take on “Whys”

Network Marketing Why

Controversial? Possibly… I guess. I am just being real here. Creating a vision will bring you through just about everything! I am so confident in this that I put on an entire webinar on it in my coaching program.

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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8 thoughts on “Network Marketing Why’s – Do They Work?

  1. Michael S McDonald

    That is so true, the why will only take you so far, you need the long term vision. The vision is lost by most, find the vision get the reward.

  2. Valerie Yates

    Completely agree, Steve. People will run from something painful faster than they will run toward something better so that pain will get them going, but that future vision is what will keep the momentum going.

  3. Rik Lepine

    Awesome Post Steve. Your pain should push you until your vision pulls you. You why can only take you so far. It's who you want to become that should drive you to create the life you want.

  4. Rik

    Great Stuff Steve. As Jim Rohn says, “Success is not a getting thing, it’s a becoming thing.” Your why’s that you pointed out in your video only goes so far. It’s who you want to become that should drive you to become successful.


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