Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tips

We are going to go back to basics. It’s what works and what has made thousands of dollars for thousands of people.  Pay attention and use these, it will bring you back from whatever funk you are in.

My List of Network Marketing Tips

Make Your List!!

Even if you had a list from a year ago, get it out and go through it again. Our sphere influence changes constantly. Also, you can go through the list again and see who you can call back. Imagine calling back 20-30 ppl and 3 of them come on to your business. Was it worth it?

Pick up the phone!!

You have to talk to people. Email correspondence is okay for your initial contact but as far as gaining trust and getting them to come on to your team, it will be difficult. It will also take a real long time. You can literally make contact and get the person on the phone and know with a day, maybe two whether or not they are right for your business.

Be Consistent!!

Stick to your convictions. If you are going to sit down for a certain amount of hours a day and a certain amount days a week. Stay consistent, this will keep you in the right mind set and keep you on target for your goals.

Setting Your Goals Network Marketing Tips

Set Goals!!

This is important, they must be REALISTIC GOALS lol. Becoming the world champion in kickboxing in two weeks, though admirable, is not realistic. Set smaller goals…like talking to 10 people a day. These are good / productive goals. They will also keep you motivated. Setting goals that are near impossible will increase your chances of failure.

Remember Your Why!!

Why are you in Network Marketing? Silly question? Not really, if you are looking to make more money, why? For me, it’s easy, I want more “Time” with my family. Time goes by so fast and we spend 1/3 of the week at an office of a job.

Pick a Strategy and Work It!!

This is easy. Once you have a strategy in place and you start working on it, give it time. Put the time you have set aside for it and stick with it. Strategies take a minimum of 2-3 weeks to come to fruition. Work this strategy like you don’t have another.

Stay Focused!!

If you have time put aside for your Network Marketing business. Stick with it. Once you start taking time off and “Doing it tomorrow”. You lose it. If you stay focused, you will succeed. It’s good to have your time scheduled, especially in the beginning. Once you hit a couple thousand a month, do what you want, LOL

Reinvest in Yourself!!

You can never have enough education. Take the money that you are earning and learn new and more efficient strategies. Say you make $100 and it took your 2 weeks to get that prospect and you took that $100 and reinvested in your education. The next 2 weeks, you may get 2-5 people. There is nothing wrong with doing it the long way but wouldn’t it be better to do it more efficiently?

Tap Into Your Upline, Sideline and Downline!!

They are there for you to tap into. They “Made it” call them and say that you want to “Make it” too. They will help you!! If they don’t, contact me. I will put you in the right direction. The cool thing about Network Marketing…Everyone in your company wants you to succeed.It’s awesome.

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