Network Marketing Success With Company Challenges


Taking on the Challenge

If you have been in the industry for any amount of time, then you have heard of company challenges. They can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 100 days. They also have all sorts of stipulations like writing an article or shooting a video every day to a point system of prospecting.



All of these are great and can give you massive results and that result is Network Marketing Success (Shameful keyword plug LOL)

Company Challenges: Why do they work so well?

It’s funny, I used to run from these company challenges. Heck you’re laying it all out there for your peers to see and that’s a scary thing for most.
Well, you know what they say…Do what makes you feel uncomfortable. I was involved with two different company challenges from late 2012 to mid 2013. I decided to put it out there when I saw where my business associates went the season before – Cancun Mexico. It’s all I heard about for 6-8 months, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I made the decision that I wasn’t going to miss another company trip again. The challenge I was involved with was a point system, certain amount of points for selling memberships at different levels. Pretty cool. Long story short, I won/earned a 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean in Jan/2013 for my wife and I and an all-inclusive family vacation to Los Cabos at a 5 star resort for my wife and 2 boys. Both were totally awesome. I recently earned my way on a cruise, I just don’t have the details yet 🙂

What did it really do?
It brought recognition like never before in my company and with my surrounding friends. This made it real for a lot of people outside the company. Especially when my peers in my primary company were coming to my Facebook page congratulating me. It was awesome.
Here’s another thing that happened right in front of my eyes. My organization grew like it never had before. I was so focused on winning that I wasn’t paying attention to what was happening with my business.

Network Marketing Success: How?
If you asked yourself this question – What’s holding me back? I bet the answer every single time is “Lack of Action” You aren’t talking to enough people. The funny thing about this subject, most won’t take on the challenge. They would rather mow along the same lack of success as before. If you are not where you want to be with your company and see a challenge coming up, TAKE ACTION.

Once you commit, you are in. This is going to force you to follow a system that is in place and as long as you are in action, results will occur. If you are working this in front of your peers, you will force yourself to take these actions with the fear of looking bad (which is all in your own head) What a real challenge leader will do is post the daily results in front of the group. If you have a low day on points, you WILL get them up the next day. It’s just the way it is. We as network marketers will scratch and claw to get recognition and you know. Put a structured challenge in front of us and we have the change to shine.

Next time that you have a company challenge come up, jump in. They are lots of fun and the biggest winner here is you!


“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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