Network Marketing Success With 1 Tip

Network Marketing Success With One Tip
Network Marketing Success


There is no secret to success in the home business industry. Share your concept with people and collect a decision. Where we seem to have the issue is when we go to pick up the phone and invite people. Question of the millennium: When was the last time you invited someone to see your presentation and everything went perfect. You called, texted or saw them out somewhere, invited them and they were like “Awesome, see you then”?
I’m going to guess and say, not too many times.

If you want network marketing success, you’ll need to do two things with your business. One, you’ll need to have a way to pick up the phone and have a short and precise conversation with the people that we know. Second, necessity is to have the ability to teach this strategy to your team with little resistance.

In the Video Below, I go over a proven strategy to invite with ease and avoid the twenty questions that follow that invite.


I’m sure you received some anxiety from that video and that’s okay. Your comfort zone is the only thing in the way of your network marketing success. Use the strategy in the video and you’ll soon see the power you possess.

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12 thoughts on “Network Marketing Success With 1 Tip

  1. Rich Payne

    Oh man I’ve word-vomitted more times than I can count, even though I knew what to do, lol.
    Like you said, they are our friends and it can feel weird to “brush them off”.

    The biggest way to master this is through practice.

    Thanks for the tips Steve.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      haha, thanks Richard!

  2. Carl Davies

    Key is dupilcation and to plugin our team to cultures, systems and support when needed..

  3. Veronica Starr

    Duplication… teach your team what you do that works and know your stuff! I like to record my "story" and listen to it repeatedly so that I don't stumble with my words when talking to people. Great video and thank you.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Pretty cool idea Veronica. Thanks

  4. Rory Singh

    If you want to succeed in Network Marketing you will have to get ‘comfortable’ being uncomfortable and the people willing to do stuff like…picking up the phone and connecting with potential partners…reap the rewards!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Got that right Rory

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