Network Marketing Success and My Son’s Winner Sticker

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Network Marketing Success

I love to watch my oldest son, Andrew ‘compete’ with our youngest, Tyler, his mom and of course me. It’s quite comical to see the incredible amount of drive and competitiveness that he has. He will do anything to win. It doesn’t matter if we are heading to the bathroom to brush our teeth before bed or even peeing in the toilet…he has to win. Here’s the most awesome thing about his spirit, he doesn’t want any prizes, toys or even money. All he wants is his invisible “Winner Sticker”. He tells me: “I win daddy and you know it because I have my Winner Sticker on. It is really awesome to see.

What does this have to do with network marketing success?

It’s easy. You have to understand why you are doing what you are doing. It absolutely cannot be about the money. Yes, we need money to make things happen, I understand that. It has to be bigger than that. Money is just energy, a vehicle that we use to trade for other “Things”…Cars, Boats, Homes, Fishing Rods, Computers, etc… All of that is great but all of those things disappear and lose their value after time.

I am talking about the your “Winner Sticker”. What are you going to trade your money vehicle for? Vacations, the almighty Time, trips to see family, getting someone you love out of debt or something as awesome as what my friend Kris did and pay off his church’s mortgage.

If people look at network marketing success as getting a lot of money, then they are missing what it’s all about. It’s about Freedom. Freedom to help out someone in need, Freedom to do whatever you want.

Another cool thing about having your “Winner Sticker” is the recognition you get from your peers. I recently became Silver Eagle Qualified in my primary network marketing company. Yes, I get a nice little bonus but what was / is cooler than that paycheck is how the people in our company called, emailed and texted to congratulate me. I had the owner of the company call me tonight to form a plan to take our our company to the next level. Today, I received my “Winner Sticker”

It’s truly sad that when you are working at your 9-5 job, busting your hump, doing extra work and staying that you don’t  get a thank you. When you complain about how crummy it is, people say “At least you still have a job”. That’s bullcrap, I used to be that guys who said that. Let’s get something straight, if you are busting your butt, then you should at least get an attaboy. The difference between 9-5 jobs and Network Marketing is that you get what you put in. If you work hard, you get rewarded…the harder you work, the better chance of your success. People tell you that you are awesome and rightfully so. You are awesome and you should get recognized for a job well done.

So, is network marketing success about the money? In my humble opinion, NO. It’s what that energy can bring to the table. That is what success is all about.


Now go out and get your “Winner Sticker”

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Steve Krivda

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