Network Marketing – Cutting My Hair Off – Proving A Point

OpinionsAre you letting other people’s opinion hold you back?

I get that, we spend a lot of time trying to make other people happy. It’s pretty awesome when we do something for someone and we get that desired effect we were after. The issues comes about when you receive ridicule or insults.

We will avoid negative comments from people like the plague. We don’t want that feeling of disappointment. What you don’t realize is how much this way of thinking is holding you back from greatness.

Before you watch the video, I would like to point something out. You do realize that most people’s opinions are different and there is a reason for that. It’s all about how that person was brought up and how their past had affected them. It has NOTHING to do with you. It’s only a perception, that’s it. How I know this, you ask a few other people and they will most likely say something different.

Okay, now you can watch the video below. It’s quite funny, I go from a full head of hair to much much less AND there’s actually a point to the whole thing haha.

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Steve Krivda

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11 thoughts on “Network Marketing – Cutting My Hair Off – Proving A Point

  1. Angel Balichowski

    I LOVE this! The new 'do' rocks! Your words were so inspiring, and you're right we each only live our life! I find so many times that people I prospect are praying for what we have, it's God's work 🙂 You look great, congrats on the decision!

    1. admin Post author

      To think, that’s all I had to do hahahahaha

    1. admin Post author

      LOL, I appreciate that Jeffrey. One day I’ll go for it

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