Network Marketing Coaching – I’m Way Out Of Control Here

coach_grandeLooking to get into Network Marketing Coaching

There are so many different directions to take you online/offline marketing career. In the past couple years, I have met people that have made millions in a home business, people who have made millions in affiliate products and people who made millions in coaching.

I’ve covered home business’ and affiliate marketing in past articles but we haven’t really talked about coaching.

There are some things you may want to consider having in place prior to going into this field. Not that you wouldn’t be a different coach without but, the notes in the video below may bring some things to light prior to jumping in head first.

Network Marketing Coaching

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Steve Krivda

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15 thoughts on “Network Marketing Coaching – I’m Way Out Of Control Here

  1. Harrison Chung

    I laughed at the first part… awesome. So cool to hear that you're going through Ray's coaching!

  2. Valerie Yates

    Awesome advice Steve. I think you're right, so many people confuse giving value and calling themselves a "coach". Great plan on how to get there as well.

    1. admin Post author

      Keep the industry legit. You rock Valerie

  3. Robert Strong

    Hey Steve,

    I love the video, I hear so many people that are calling themselves coaches, or guru’s and have not even got the results themselves.

    I would have to say that once you are brought on stage by 7 figure earners, it is a pretty good time that you can call yourself a coach.

    Also do not be a jack of all trades and a master of none! Focus on being a specialist on one subject and not try to tackle everything…

    Great video as always!

    1. admin Post author

      Wisdom from Robert Strong. Thanks for being here bro

  4. Jenni Ryan

    LOL yeah I guess they just don’t know any better and think that calling themselves coaches will mean they will attract some serious people who will actually do the work for them !

    1. admin Post author

      As an industry, we need to hold ourselves to a high standard.
      keep on rocking!

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