Network Marketers – Are You A Special Kind Of Crazy

crazy-cat1Network Marketers – Crazy? Maybe.

It’s funny, I’ve been called all kinds of stuff…Crazy being one of them. For me, it’s a compliment. It shows that I am standing above the crowd. You know it too. Take a look inside yourself and see what sort of powerhouse you have become.

Just a short time ago, rejection used to bother me (more), I wasn’t so positive and optimistic and I was comfortable just “Living” my life – status quo.

Once the crazy creeps in, you realize that there is more to do than just go to work, come home, watch TV and sleep.

Below, I describe the special kind of crazy our group is. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Presenting – Network Marketers, We Crazy?


I ask you, what kind of crazy are you?

I also put out a request. Comment below with translations of the word in different languages.
“Crazy”Who’s going to help me?

“Because You’re Worth It”

Steve Krivda

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9 thoughts on “Network Marketers – Are You A Special Kind Of Crazy

  1. Rik Lepine

    yeah, I'm crazy. Even my friends think I'm crazy to be a part of this business. I don't let the things that don't matter…matter. They don't know what we have.

    Oh yeah Steve, du bist verrückt!

  2. Valerie Yates

    Yeah, I'm that kind of crazy, too! Great video Steve.

  3. Harrison Chung

    I can only think of 2 Chinese translations for crazy? Like 'xiao' or 'shen jing bing', which unfortunately leans more towards "mentally disturbed". O_O anyway Thank you so much for the video! "Prospect your way out of it" sounds like awesome advice so thank you so much!

  4. Robert Strong

    Good morning Steve,

    So true, I had great days and I had days that I wanted to go into the corner and cry….It is a crazy roller coaster, but I would not trade it for anything!

    It is real, I know that I was sitting in Vegas listening to some friends about how they are marketing, and I made 1625.00 just from my blog!

    I agree that people should not do 5 different things at once….just focus on one thing!

  5. Jenni Ryan

    Yes we are a special kind of crazy! But that is why there is such a small percentage of people that hold the world’s wealth.. I was crazy to perist through the years of struggle I went through. But coming out the other end is well worth it.

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