My journey to weight loss

My weight loss journey

Wow, this is great that I may be able to help someone lose weight too.
Not that I was very over weight at my start last year (Jan, 2009) but I was 217-220lbs.
Not long before that, I was almost 240lb
I am 6′-1″

First and Foremost: I am not giving advice and if/when you decide to change your diet and start exercising, you should consult your physician.

There now that that is out of the way:

What I did:

1. What is my motivation?
a. I have a herniated disc in my lumbar region of my back.
b. At that point I had a little boy that was turning 1yr old.
c. My doctor told me i needed to lose weight if I were to feel any better at all without another surgery. That was a tough one to swallow LOL
d. I wanted to look good for my wife again, since i did have a six pack when we met and not a six pack of beer hahahaha

What would be yours?________________________________________

2. I wrote down everything I eat for at least one week.
a. Why a week? Well the first day I was motivated but as the week went on, the motivation dropped down a little each day. Meaning, I pay attention to what I was eating but I STILL WROTE IT DOWN.
b. Dont look at any totals until the week is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
c. EVERYTHING, even an M&M has between 3 and 4 calories EACH. yes that is each.

3. Then go to a website and do some research and see what you have consumed that week. Like me, I bet you are surprised.
Think about this: In order to lose just one pound of stored fat we need to burn off 3500 extra calories

4. Another thing that can be done if it is in the budget. Get on heart rate monitor with a calorie counter…that will help to see what is being burned per hour/day. Pretty cool

5. Now, don’t get depressed LOL. There is a goal now…

There is a simple equation here: Burn more calories that what is taken in.
Nothing to out of control here.
Pick a caloric intake that is comfortable, whether it is 1,800, 2,000, 2,500 calories per day. Break it up through out the day.
YOU WILL GET THE MUNCHIES. CHEW GUM!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HELPS LOL (if that is something you can do)

My weight loss journey

I broke down my meals
Breakfast is the biggest, snack, reasonable lunch, snack and dinner would be the smaller of the meals…for me.
Snacks that are great…almonds, yogurt, veggies…stuff like that.

What a first week right?
Now for the fun part: Exercise.
What is done for exercise now? For most of us, not a whole lot hahaha
I went a little more crazy than most. HERE IS WHAT I DID.

Take a picture, take measurements of legs, arms, waist, chest and neck.
Weighing myself… THIS IS ONLY DONE ONCE A WEEK. I don’t care how i felt, i didnt do it…THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!
I like to weigh myself on Fridays, so i could see what all my hard work did for me.

One Monday, i brought my bike to work and rode it home that night and back in the next morning (Tuesday). according to my heart rate monitor i was burning approx. 800 calories in about 30+ minutes…yes i was riding quite fast.
I would ride home again the next day (wednesday) then back in again on thurday morning.
Now i know that it is not always possible to do that. BUT YOU WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT IF YOU ARE MOTIVATED ENOUGH. Sometimes you need to be reminded.
SOMETHING HUGE: You will need a partner-a support mechanism (mine was/is my wife but she was already thin LOL)…
It doesn’t matter if that person is going to work out with you or eat the same foods as you but they have to be on board and be the supporter and reminder. You can’t get mad if you get caught eating…
Eating to me was and still is like a drug…like an addiction.

The other part of my workout was going to the gym 4 days a week for a 45 minute work out.
I went with 2 body parts and did TWO exercises each at 12 reps for 6 sets with 30 seconds rest in between.
15 minutes warm up on the bike, stepper, eliptical etc… I mean warm-up – Sweat, not just going through the motions. This is done prior to every work out

Monday was Chest and Triceps
Bench Press set of 12 rest 30 seconds 6 times.
Dumbell Press set of 12 rest 30 seconds 6 times.
Tricep rope extensions on the machine set of 12 rest 30 seconds 6 times.
Dumbell extension over my head
set of 12 rest 30 seconds 6 time.

Tuesday, back and biceps (2 exercises each)

Wednesday, OFF YEAAAA

Thursday, Shoulders (4 exercises)

Friday, Chest, triceps, back, biceps (1 exercise each)

Weekends off, unless a day was missed.

So lets recap, again i went a little crazy…Bike 30 minutes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Gym…Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

That lasted until about October…I live in Southwest Florida so it started to get cold.
I stopped biking…all together.
NOW: i only go to the gym 4 days a week because i have equaled out my weight.

I am now a very comfortable 175lbs from almost 220lbs. I don’t have to work as hard as I used to and on a good week I have my abs back LOL
You see, the more muscle that is built, the faster the fat burns…pretty darn cool, right????
I went from a big 38 waist to a small 32 waist in about 8 months…
A good loss is about 1-2 lbs a week…think about it…this time next year a person could lose and i mean in a healthy way 50 -100 lbs and keep it off, with ease.

You can visit me at

FROM THIS (my 240lb picture from the year before, sorry so blurry):






TO THIS approx. 170lbs



Accolade: 01-20-11


Just a quick note during our “faster than a speeding bullet” kind of day: one never knows the extent of influence on others. Case in point: some time ago, perhaps as much as a year ago, you mentioned to me how you changed your lifestyle when joining the gym…& the benefits. It was in the back of my mind for a long time. As I said recently I just joined up at L A Fitness & am fervently holding to a 3-day a week workout schedule. I KNOW the benefits will be worth the effort (& I am sore all over!). So, thanks for your POSITIVE INFLUENCE!

Best wishes,


Thank you Norm for you kind words.

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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