MyNetworkingPro Review An Inside Look

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MyNetworkingPro Review An Inside Look

A few years back, I had been searching for a way to generate leads through a social network besides Facebook and Twitter. In my searching I came across a site called My Networking Pro. My exposure to the site was pretty good. I thought it was cool and definitely something I hadn’t seen before. You can join for free and set up a profile, just like you can on Facebook, with a picture, bio, business, etc… It also allows you to place classified ads, create blogs, networking groups and much more. The cool thing that they added is a “Feed”. Just like Facebook, you can post comments and links. You comment on each other’s stuff and the best yet is the links you post aren’t considered spam.

MyNetworkingPro doesn’t discriminate the business you are in. It really doesn’t matter. You can create a profile and use that to promote your business when you are talking to people, just like having a fanpage.

Another cool thing about My Networking Pro is you can also get paid, as this is an affiliate system. There are different levels you can come as.


Customer $9.95 per month

Managing Independent Rep $19.95 per month

Executive Independent Rep $29.95 per month

You get paid in cycles, anywhere from $10 to $30 per cycle, which I explain in the video down below.

I will say that I have personally enrolled reps into my primary company from MNP. Something that I go over in the video below, as well.

What sort for marks to I give My Network Pro…Two Thumbs Up. For surfing, connecting, networking and getting leads.

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