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MPB Today Launched company  June 2010, a national full service grocery delivery company, is free-to-join affiliate program that enables their members to totally eliminate their grocery bill when they refer others to their unique system.


The MPB Today Compensation Plan is a “Follow me Matrix” This keeps team on the same path and boards as you. The company is free to join but, to be involved their revolutionary system you are required to make your initial investment of $200 This gets you  a $200 grocery voucher. This grocery voucher is instantly redeemable at Southeastern Delivery.


Now, if you hold that voucher until you “refer 2 who refer 2″ you may exchange that voucher in for a $200 Wal-mart / Sam’s Card and pick up $300 in cash. Then you’re reentered back into the MPB Today matrix and you can earn, as you cycle, over and over again. You simply refer others who would like to earn commissions with the potential to eliminate their grocery / Wal-mart / Sam’s bill.

MPB Today:

    For your initial investment of a $200 grocery voucher you become part of the marketing plan. There is also a $10 yearly fee for your replicated MPB Today website.

    You can redeem your voucher at anytime to buy $200 worth of groceries from Southeastern Delivery. But, if you wait and hold onto your voucher until you cycle you can exchange that voucher for $300 in cash and a $200 Wal-mart / Sam’s Card and will not have to pay for S&H for your groceries from Southeastern Delivery located in Florida.

    You cycle when you refer two people to MPB Today and help those two do the same. This will help you your cycle period.

More people that you recruit the more you cycle. This is possible, monthly, weekly and yes Daily.

    The only continual fee you have is $10 per year to carry your website.

    You aren’t restricted to the type of groceries you buy and you are not limited to any purchase when you use your Wal-mart / Sam’s card.


After reviewing MPB Today I have found that this is a great way to lower if not eliminate your grocery bill. As well as make an extra income. The fact that you can save money on one of your biggest expenses is good enough to give MPB Today a look for yourself.


Something to keep in mind when you get involved in network or affiliate marketing, it is a good idea to find and use some sort of Attraction Marketing tool/system. Here is how a broke, McDonalds employee went from minimum wage to full time at home marketer.


Hope this helps.

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