Motivation Monday – Best Military Quotes

Best Military Quotes


If you’re reading this on Monday May 30th, 2016, you know that it’s Memorial Day. For the last 2 weeks, we’ve had our audience come up with some great quotes. They have been great and have come in handy on the days when…not everything goes right. 
Today, being that we are celebrating The Men and Women of our military, I thought it would be cool to put out the Best Military Quote I could find. 
If you have some that I may have missed or would like added to this list, be sure to comment below and I’ll get them added. 

True Leadership comes from the front

Servanthood at it’s finest

Celebrate every day

How many times have we entered into a venture only to survive?

Don’t stop, never stop


Be proud every time you serve

Just sayin

Stick to your decisions with integrity 

Have Haters?

If you’re reading this today and you’re of a Military personnel or have family in the Military, I salute you and thank you. God bless for what you do, for you are stronger than I for your sacrifice.


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