Motivation Monday – Best Inspirational Quotes -3

Best Motivational Quotes –  Monday Motivation
Best Motivational Quotes


It’s Monday, once again. It’s amazing how fast 7 days can go by, especially the weekend. For most, the worst day isn’t Monday, it’s Sunday. The dread of getting up and going back to the grind.
It’s been said that we can control our thoughts. I am torn on this. I believe that our thoughts come out of nowhere, it’s how we react to those thoughts that affects our day/week. The reason for these posts is to, hopefully, flip that switch. 

Last week, we did something a little different with the “Best Motivational Quotes” series. We honored the military with some powerful military quotes. 

Each week, I reached out to the community for your feedback and favorite quotes.
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6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Best Inspirational Quotes -3

  1. Kenny Santos

    Great quotes for motivation! I like how you got some content from your subscribers and shared the knowledge with us. Thank you.

  2. Mike Marko

    I super agree in not relying on luck but believe on what you can do and achieve. This can help you to be more progressive and assertive on your career and in your dailies. Thanks for sharing Steve!

  3. Lorraine Menza

    It is always good to have great motivational quotes to look at everyday! They are another source of affirmations!

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