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More MLM-Tips For Success

I’m sitting here watching The Matrix. I know, I’m a little nerdy when it comes to watching old movies haha. It’s one of my favorite scenes. Neo and Morpheus are sparring in their dojo. Morpheus is continually kicking his butt, throwing Neo around the matt like a rag doll. Morpheus kept telling him to stop trying to hit him and hit him. Morpheus knew his potential , he knew that Neo was faster. He told him “Don’t think you are, Know you are.”

It’s a very interesting scenario if you think about it on a more grand scope of things. The more people that I meet, the more I am getting it. The more I understand why most people don’t succeed in life and why people have such a hard time committing and more over than that, why people quit so quickly.

What makes a champion a champion? What made that Guru become a Guru? What made them do what so many others think they can’t do?

It’s simple really, they just never gave up. Take Einstein for instance, he “Failed” thousands of times before he was a smash. Google Steve Jobs, Bill Gate or for our industry Ray Higdon, David Wood, Mark Hoverson, etc… All of these guys could have given up when they failed. When their backs were against the wall, they could have caved and looked for the easy way out. They didn’t give in to the meritocracy that was being fed to them from the people around them, from the news, from everywhere. They knew down inside that they had what it took. They didn’t think they would have success, they knew the success was going to come, it was just a matter of time. They carried themselves as if they had the success that they were searching for, before it was even in their grasps.

Understand this for your own success. Somebody recruited these guys, someone had the guts to call them and talk to them about their business. Someone is above their success and reaping the benefits.

Do you understand what I am talking about here? You will never have success if you quit? Understand that you have what it takes to be financially secure, to reach your wildest dreams to be who you want to be. MLM-tips are great but it’s what is inside you that will make you a POWERHOUSE.

It’s all mind set in reaching your fullest potential. The world will continue to throw you around the matt of the Dojo, it is up to you to step up and fight back to reach your fullest potential. The only person that can hold you back is you. You have the power to become faster, block the hits and fire back with the hits that will take you to the top.

Don’t think you are…Know you are.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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8 thoughts on “More MLM-Tips For Success | The Matrix

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  2. Juli Becker

    Wow! Love this! You are right. All the great leaders in this industry are successful because they never gave up. I am not going to give up either. It’s just a matter of time! =)


    1. admin Post author

      Love it Juli, thanks for coming by 🙂

  3. Robert David Strong

    Hey Steve….. we get it! We just are….we do not try to be….I am not trying to be a leader or a inspiration to others…. I just am!

    I am a Leader!
    I am a inspiration to others!

    Plain and simple…. It is kind of like the Be, Do, Have mindset….

    Be the person you want to be, Do the things that they do and Have what they have….

    So many people got it totally backwards!

  4. Jeff McGeary

    Hey Steve, so much of it DOES come down to mindset, spot on bro! Great post thanks for writing it. Btw….looks like you've been working out a bit! 😉

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