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It’s okay, just about everyone does. It’s how you handle it that matters the most.

Dealing in the time we have been for the past few years, it is good practice to know where your money is going. I speak to many, many people a week that say they can’t afford to do one thing or another. I have to say, for a while I was there too. Well, at least I thought I was there. If you ask someone if they are on a budget, of course the answer is going to be yes but, what is it? Some answers I have heard are: “We only spend an extra $100 a month on stuff” and/or “We don’t spend any more than we need to”

As those may feel and sound like good answers, they are not. Being on a budget, means that you know where all of your money is and where it goes each month/week. One thing that this recession has taught us is that we can’t just spend, spend, spend and load up those credit cards on stuff like the bigger TV, bigger/faster cars, bigger house, etc… and hope that it just goes away. I am not saying that any of these things are bad, just the racking up of our credit. It’s the spending money on stuff and liabilities. I AM ALL FOR PURCHASING AS MUCH ASSETS AS POSSIBLE

Here is what we did. We used a simple excel worksheet provided by one of our educational tools. Click the link below, it will open up a line item budget plan that helped put us in the black, every month. Budget Ratios Worksheet 2012 This will help you get a grasp on where your ca$h is going and bring you to the point where you can start paying cash again. If you want to invest in something, when the time comes, you can.

Use this tool for free from me to you. Update it every month, you will see the difference from one month to the next. Be honest with yourselves and be prepared to see where the money is going and where there is wasteful spending. This is not a blame game but an educational exercise.

Also, if you want to know how to save $3,000 of more on your taxes, click here.

I would love to hear how this affects your life. Comment below and keep me updates.

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  1. William


    Very important topic that MOST don’t even do. We were introduced to Dave Ramsey’s system 6 years ago and been on it since. A budget is crucial for everyone no matter how much money you make.

    Great article my friend!

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