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Your Best Motivational Quotes
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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and your mind was just blown? Friday night was one of those nights. I don’t want to convince, sway or move you in a direction of any Faith. This is just an example of how I was listening. I have been attending church regularly for about 3 years now. I have heard several different pastors and speaker do their thing, this guy was just different. How does this fit into Best Motivational Quote? Keep reading…

I had heard dynamic speaker in the past, this dude was just ON! He was highly engaged with the crowd, knew exactly who his audience was and knew what their pains.

He spoke about sin and how we are affected by the actions we take. How it makes us feel and how we are able to overcome. It was a very interesting perspective. You see, he stated that sin is not an act. He said…

My mind was blown. We spend so much time beating ourselves up over a momentary lapse of judgement and event.
We all have things in our past that we wish never happened. It’s life. The question came down to how you feel about it now. IF you don’t care and would do it again, if you could “pull it off”, then ya might was to consider some self reflection of character. However, being truly sorry is a different place to be.
In other words, a man or woman who continues down a dark path is sin…It’s not the action, it’s the person.

Then he said something that took it over the top…

Please understand, when I speak of temptation…I speak of something we know we shouldn’t be doing. Whether it’s cheating on our diet, our business plan or our spouse. We have a choice on how we continue living our lives.  
Recognize the temptation and choose not to go down that route.
Then realize the temptation and choose to understand where that temptation is coming from…What void is it filling. 

Well, this isn’t where I thought this post was going to go LOL. I do have few more quotes from you guys!

Thanks Lynda Kenny

Thanks Robert Frank

Thanks Curtis Phelan

I hope you got some value from this post. I went on a tangent earlier and decided to leave it up LOL

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